Avs make trades for Fleischmann and Hundwick

New Av Tomas Fleischmann-courtesy of Caps.com

I was actually in the middle of writing another blog about what the Avs might do to replace all their injured players, and during the time I wrote it, the Avs made two moves aquiring Matt Hunwick from Boston and Tomas Fleischmann from Washington. So I guess that answers what the Avs were expecting to do to replace some players. Well here is the rest of the blog I was writing about injuries for the Avs and at the bottom I will have my opinion on the two deals.

Stewart Out for a while, injury woes continue

Well news out of the Avs camp is that Stewart will miss 4-6 weeks with a broken hand. This is just a recent injury in a very long list of other players that are also injured. I have compiled the best list of the injuries that I can remember below

Chris Stewart - 4-6 weeks (Broken Hand)
Peter Mueller - Indefinitely (Concussion)
David Van Der Gulik - indefinitely (Torn MCL)
T.J. Galiardi - Indefinitely (Broken Wrist)
Adam Foote - Day-to-day (Leg Injury)
Kyle Cumiskey - Indefinitely (Concussion)
Craig Anderson - Day-to-day (Groin)

Now I don't think this list, beside the beginning of the season, has been much smaller than the amount of players on the injury list right now. It seems that whenever someone returns, someone else gets hurt. If you look at that list, you could say the Avs are missing three top line forwards, Two starting Defensmen, their captain, a starting goalie, and a partridge in a pear tree (Had to throw int he Christmas pun). How unlucky can this team be?!

Avs make a couple of trades

Which brings me to what the Avs will do, and they have done something already while writing this blog. The first trade really made me scratch my head, and I am very dissapointed in it as well. Trading a rookie defenseman in Colby Cohen for Boston's Matt Hunwick just didn't really make sense. I thought Cohen played well in the three games he got and was shocked to see him get demoted. I felt he could be a great offensive defensemen that was also big and could play some pretty good D. Plus he had only played 3 games, how could they determine that he wasn't going to improve? Now after seeing the second trade, I feel like the first one makes a little more sense. Trading Scott Hannan for Tomas Fleischmann in my eyes makes up for the previous trade. By getting Hunwick, they got another puck moving player who could keep up with the fast paced play the young Avs want to play. Plus he has more experience than Cohen had and could be put into the lineup right away. As for Hannan, more recently he has showed his age and slowed down, and it seemed every time he got the puck the whole team had to slow down to catch up with him. By getting rid of Hannan, the Avs get younger and faster. Plus the addition of Fleischmann is something that can fill the void of missing 3 top players while the Avs wait for the retunr of Stewart.

As for the line combinations, here is what I would like to see possible for tonights game if Fleischmann can get to the game on time (Travel issuse may cause his debut to wait until next game).


Holos as seventh?

I think these might work for a while with some minor tweaks.. I mean Mauldin and Jones had good chemistry last game so maybe switch him and Mauldin. It will be interesting what the team will look like and what line combinations Sacco will put out there. The biggest question that will be in the backs of everyones minds are what will happen when and if the Avs get healthy?


George Prax's picture

Good trade for both teams. Caps get a big defensive defenseman and the Avs get a great forward, which they desperately need. Especially with Hunwick on there too now.

Russell Dornisch's picture

We will see... Hannan has terrible nights, and also great nights! Hopefully we get the Fleischmann from last year!

George Prax's picture

Fleischmann gets a shot on a top line where he belongs on most teams, Hannan goes to a team that will contend for the cup. I still say it's a win-win. When the Avs get healthy, it's going to be scary.

Russell Dornisch's picture

Exactly!! I mean we will have three top lines on the team


Wow!! three lines with lots of scoring potential! We will be dangerous come the end of the year, plus we will have a surplus of players to go out and do something possibly?