Avs Steal One in Buffalo!

Avs Win, Move into 7th!

Avs Mcginn scores with .07 seconds left

Well that is playoff hockey folks!  Both teams needing the points to get into the playoffs, and the Avs had just a bit more.  A game that went back and fourth came down to the last seconds of the game.  With the Avs down 4-3 with just seconds left, Landeskog took control and went end to end causing a scramble in front of Miller, soon the puck popped past Miller and was sitting on the doorstep for Mcginn to poke in and tie up the game with less than a second left.  Then the Avs did what they always do, win a shootout.  This team is scary good in the shootout and Varly is lights out in them.  He is 9-0 in them and has allowed only TWO goals!!

With the huge two points tonight, the Avs momentarily go into 7th, but Phoenix is playing Vancouver and can retake their spot with 1 point.  This team is playing better and better as we get closer to the playoffs, and if tonight is any indication, they might make a run.  I would be scared to get matched up against the nothing to lose young Avs if they make the playoffs.

I can only imagine what San Jose fans think when they see Mcginn's point totals since coming over.  Not only is he scoring at will, but Galiardi and Winnik have 0 goals since the trade... plus Sagrbossa is leading the OHL in points.  it's not looking good on San Jose's part.

Duchene Makes a Miraculous Recovery

After suffering a pretty bad sprained ankle, it was rumored that Matt would be out till playoff time, yet we hear news he was skating this morning.  The skating was so good, he is actually announced to be playing TOMORROW night!  That's right, an injury that was said to hold him out for a month, has turned into 9 days.  Hopefully this doesn't come back to bite the team with Duchene coming back early, but you can tell Duchene wants to help the team make the playoffs.  Afterall, it was a Matt Duchene shootout goal that sent the Avs back to the playoffs the last time they went.