Avs Trade for Varlamov: Over Payment?

Avs Gamble Big!

After it looked like it was all but sure the Avs would get Vokoun, the team shocks the hockey nation and trades and first and a second/third next year for the rights to negotiate Semyon Varlamov.  This move has to scream the rebuild is over because otherwise that first rounder could be a lottery pick in a deep draft next year.  

The biggest question it has raised is what will happen to Vokoun now, where really no team is looking for a starter still.  My bet is it is off to Europe for Tomas.  I like Varly and the acquisition, however the amount the Avs gave up for a guy who already said he wasn't going to play for Washington no matter what is rediculous.

Varlamov could become a franchise goalie for Colorado, or a bust.  This was quite the gamble by the Avs GM and I am so far not really ok with it.

UPDATE: Colorado signs him to a 2 yr 5.5 mil deal. The numbers are good, the trade is not!  No way do you trade a first rounder for a back up, so Vokoun is not coming!


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The trade is fine, it's not the going market for a goalie but IMO it's a fair deal. Varlamov was the best young goalie in the league over the last couple of years and he simply fell behind the ranks because of some injury issues. The Caps could have traded any one of those goalies and they'd be in the same position. Only difference is Varlamov was threatening to go back to Russia, but he won't have to now. Avs get a goalie they can keep for many years for a reasonable price.

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Yea true... the key will be if the Avs make the playoffs next year. if they do, Avs win the trade cause the pick is 20+ and obviously Varly would probably be playing well. We will just have to see!