Avs Weekend Notes: Stewart Snubbed From All-star ballot!

Stewart Snubbed?

Avs Lose to Detroit 3-1
Sorry about not putting out a blog after the Avs loss to the Red Wings Saturday night. It was what it was and that exactly was an Av team coming off a game on Friday to play a rested Red Wings team in Detroit on Saturday. I will say the third period was good for the Avs and they nearly pulled out a comeback with several opportunities to score some goals. I will say Howard played great in the third and won the game for a team who got an early 3-0 lead and sat on it. I seem to recall a recent game with the Wings that was very similar with a 3-0 lead the Wings ended up losing 4-3 in a shootout. But that didn't happen again and the Avs headed home with the loss.

I was very surprised to see Sacco use Budaj again. For some reason Sacco just doesn't believe in using the backup in back to back games because when Anderson is healthy, he starts him over Budaj in most back to backs. Budaj didn't play terrible, but didn't play his best. Let's hope Budaj comes with his A game tonight against the visiting Blues. The Blues have lost three straight, but before those 3 loses were playing some of the best hockey in the league.

Stewart Snubbed from All-Star Voting?!

The All-Star voting has been released with a new format, and which Avs is left off completely? Well obviously it wouldn't be the best player on the team, right? Wrong! Chris Stewart, the Avs leading goal scorer and all around best player right now was left off the All-Star ballot completely. The only three players on the ballot for the Avs is Stastny, Hejduk, and Anderson. Now all three are somewhat deserving, however out of all three Hejduk hasn't been the absolute best on the team, and Anderson has been injured. I would say Stewart was far more deserving than all three combined.

So in response I would like to start a campaign to get Stewart into the all-star game through write-in ballots. So anyone who votes needs to write in Chris Stewart for forwards whenever they can. Here is the link to vote .

Please vote for Stewart, he is very deserving after last season and his strong play thus far this season! STEWART FOR ALL-STAR!!!!!!


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Russell, keep in mind that the ballot is based in large part on last season's stats. Stastny had 79 points, Hedjuk had 44 in, what, 50 games? And Anderson was a big reason the Avs made the playoffs. Obviously Stewart was second on the Avs in scoring but you have to keep that in mind.

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True, but he was still second on the team, and then his strong start this year? I think he should have still been on the ballot for the Avs... We will have to see, I feel he deserves it the most out of the team right now.