Avs win big, but at a price

Well the Avs big division win over Minnesota cam with a huge price as the team lost their leading scorer to a broken hand. Even though the Avs won 7-4, Chris Stewart broke his hand during a fight in the second period and is out indefinitely. This is a huge blow to a team already struggling with injuries. The team also recently lost Craig Anderson again to injury when he got a groin injury in a recent game. The Avs just can't catch a break when it comes to the injury bug and they keep pilling up. The good news is that they continue to produce on the ice even with the injuries.

It leaves the fans asking what could this team be if it were 100%? I mean the team has been missing goal scorers T.J. Galiardi and Peter Mueller for a big chunk of the season so far and are still one of the most high scoring teams in the league. Not only did Stewart go down, but Daniel Winnik was lost as well after starting the season playing amazing for the Avs and had been seen as one of the best pick ups the team had made in a long time. The injuries continue and yet the team continues to roll.

The biggest thing the injuries have done is on the defense, where each game seems to bring a new lineup to Joe Sacco's team. This has also made for some interesting decisions on Sacco's part. The biggest one that looks to be back firing is the decision to play Ryan Wilson over Jonas Holos. Holos has played well all season, but was demoted to Lake Erie this week when Wilson returned to the lineup. Since his return, Wilson has looked terrible and been the cause for several goals. I think we have a case where Sacco sticks with a guy he likes no matter what. We saw this in the past when Sacco stuck with Ruslan Salei even when he played terribly. Hopefully Sacco wakes up and starts Holos in the upcoming games as he was just recalled to the team.

Also, one has to think with the overload of defenseman that the Avs have, and the amount of injuries to forwards, the Avs may be looking to make a move. Rumor has it that the Avs might be trading with the Carolina Hurricane after Carolina had 3 scouts at a recent game. Who the trade would involve is completely unknown and I can't really think of any forwards that Carolina would trade that would help out the team. We will just have to see!!


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Poor Avs can't catch a break but they're working hard and making themselves a threat regardless. I like that. If they make the playoffs, you have to consider Sacco for the Jack Adams. They remind me a lot of the Canadiens last year... lots of injuries which caused them to be underestimated. I think they'll stay over .500, sneak into the playoffs 7th or 8th and make a huge run and surprise some higher teams once healthy.

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I would agree... If for some reason the hockey Gods would allow Mueller to play!! I'm feeling like his career could be over... 4 concussions in a year?!

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Losing Stewart is as you said a huge blow to the team, and I really do feel bad for the Avs because the injury bug has hit them hard this season. The amazing thing is that players that have been put in place of injured players have played good enough for the Avs to still be a very tough team to play against. If they could stay healthy for once, they would be scary good.