Avs win sixth in a row!

Avs beat a strong Montreal team 3-2 at Pepsi Center

Well the Avs a lighting up the entire league right now with their sixth win in a row and the team only getting stronger. For one of the most injury plagued team in the league, the Avs continue to find ways to win. On a night when the Avs found out that they lost defensman Kyle Quincy for the season due to shoulder surgery, the Avs came away victorious against a very good Montreal team in Denver. The team showed up and played well in order to get the close 3-2 win. Even though Duchene's line didn't come up with any goals, they put in a great performance and were all over the ice. While for the second straight game since returning from injury, T.J. Galiardi got a goal, this time being the game winning goal.

Right now I just love watching this team play. They are so entertaining to watch scoring at least 3 goals almost every single night. With one of the hottest goaltenders in the league last night, the Avs were able to go above the goals against average of the opposing keeper again in as many nights. All the while Craig Anderson looked a lot better only allowing two goals on the night.

I really want to point out my most frustrating thing on this team, and that I Jonas Holos. Holos finally broke the lineup again for the Avs and in only about 6 minutes played, Holos was a plus two for the Avs and played great! When I found out he only played because Daniel Winnik was sick last minute and that was why he played. It is sad that Sacco still can't see that he needs to play Holos, and I hope with the news about Quincy that Holos will again be a regular in the lineup.

As for Sacco's "dog house", I can't believe how much it is working! I called out Ryan Wilson last week, and after being benched by Sacco, Wilson has come back to play great and even chip in two fantastic goals in the last few games. Whatever Sacco says to them after their benching really works!

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George Prax's picture

I missed the game last night but from everything I've read/heard the avs looked good... TSN put you guys in 8th in their power rankings and it doesn't make any sense to me. To have the injuries the Avs have had, and to do what they've managed to do the last few weeks, that's 1st place in the league as far as i'm concerned.

Russell Dornisch's picture

I wouldn't go that far, but top 5 for sure! We are the highest scoring team in the league now and we are missing two top 6 forwards. Bad news for us is it is looking Mueller might be done for the season more as precautionary for the concussion. That plus Quincy, maybe Cumisky with concussion problems as well. The team is hanging in and playing well.

Plus Dutch and Flash both got the 1st and 2nd stars for NHL.com! Watching any Avs game is super exciting this year!

Patrick Storto's picture

I don't know that there's a team that's been built more properly than the Avalanche, these guys are being built to win for years, just like old times.

George Prax's picture

And to think... just last year we were laughing at them for making an accountant their GM and a guy name Sacco their coach Wink