Bang Bang Chicago, Avs win again!

Duchene scores in the last couple of minutes to win the game

Last nights win against Chicago couldn't have been any sweeter. Throughout the game the Avs would take the lead, only to let the Hawks tie it up right away. Then it was a bad bench penalty that helped Chicago get a 5-4 lead and it was looking like the teams win streak would end at two. But thanks to newcomer Tomas Fleishmann to come through for his new team. Tomas tied up the game with a wrister with only about 3 minutes left in the game. Then he stole a puck behind the net and sent a wonderful pass for a tip in goal by Duchene.

Honestly it was a great win for the team on a night where Craig Anderson wasn't on top of his game. Speaking of goalies not on top of their games, Marty Turco was just plain awful! I still can't believe the players the Hawks had to lose because of the cap. I won't feel sorry though because after the lockout the Avs had to do the exact same thing losing Peter Forsberg and Rob Blake. But I can't believe they had to tab Turco as the replacement for Niemi. So in two games against the Avs, Turco has played absolutely terrible. I will almost bet that Crawford will play in Chicago on Wednesday.

I am starting to get really excited watching this team. All the young guns are making for some really exciting hockey in Denver. I just loved Duchene's emotion when he scored the winning goal. It's the kind of emotion needed from this team in the new NHL.

The Bang Bang dance done by Duchene and Stastny after wins is starting to go viral. TSN, the Denver Post, and Yahoo have all picked up stories on the dance already and of course a high quality video was finally posted. So I give you for your viewing pleasure THE BANG BANG DANCE! Bang Bang Chicago!

Here is where the dance came from!


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The Fleischmann deal is really tilting towards the Avs... Hannan I guess has been playing horribly!

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That dance is disgustingly bad hahaha

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Lol... have you seen where they go it from? I might have to add it to my post.