Forsberg decides to retire... WAIT WHAT!?

As the Avs blogger it gives me sad news to announce Forsbergs retirement from the NHL. This cam as a shock to me today when it was first announced. Forsberg has always been one of my favorite Avs players and for anyone that saw him play the last two games you have to wonder why? Forsberg was easily the best player in his two games and even though he ended with a -4, He could have easily had 4-6 points had it not been for teammates who screwed up easy chances. But enough about the actual retirement, I would like to go back to some of my favorite, and worst Forsberg moments.

The top Forsberg moment for me would have to of been a game in Florida some time around 1998 or so... Avs were getting killed and Forsberg took the team literally on his back and scored 3 goals and 3 assists. It was the best game I have seen by any player to this date!

Another memory I have of Forsberg was the spleen incident. It shocked me when I found out Foppa was rushed to the hospital and would be out for the playoffs. It was quite the shock and I thought it would stop the Avs from winning the cup, but thank goodness the Avs prevailed over the Devils to win.

When Forsberg came back in 08, I was able to attend his first game back against Vancouver. It was an amazing night for me and all fans with Forsberg coming back. I was lucky then because there was no true date on when he was going to play and I just guessed. Lucky me got to see his first game back and there was literally like 3 standing ovations for the team during the game.

What were some of everyone's favorite memories of old 21?

It is a sad day for Avs fans with the news, and I am still in shocked that it happened. We will have to see exactly why when his press conference happens this afternoon.


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That was an unbelievable goal at a young age!

Still can't believe we traded Eric Lindros for him.... think it was one of the biggest steals for trades there were in the league.

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How about his scrap with Larionov that started the the brawl in 97?