Here they come down the stretch...

Forsberg is one thing that will be a big topic down the stretch

Well the All-Star festivities are over, the players are more than likely back with their teams, and now the fun begins. Teams are in either playoff mode or rebuild mode from here on out. The Avs are the tipping point as they could go either way. I want to point out some of the key stories that Avs fans will be following from here on out.

1. Peter Forsberg Saga
Well the conclusion to the Foppa comeback should be coming soon, maybe even as soon as the end of the week. All signs are pointing towards a comeback and most likely signing with the Avs. The biggest things after he signs is how healthy is he? How many games will he play? Can he still be effective. For this story alone there will be tons of stuff to follow on the ever going soap opera that is Forsberg and his foot.

2. Can Duchene continue to play well and lead the team back to the playoffs?
Matt has been playing quite well since the beginning of the season and he will have to take it up a notch if the Avs want to make the playoffs again. Matt is becoming a leader on this team and is one of the brightest spots on the team right now

3. Goaltending
Before the break both goaltenders were struggling, and neither stepping up into a starter role. Anderson hasn't been the same since his knee injury and you have to wonder if there are any lingering effects still from it. This is Andy's last chance to push for a contract extension with the team. My opinion is Andy is our best option and they should still sign him no matter what. Let's see if he can regain his old form down the stretch.

4. Trades
With the All-Star game over, the next big event is the trade deadline. The Avs always seem to make at least one decent trade each deadline. Last year the Avs got Kevin porter, Peter Mueller, and Stephan Yelle at the deadline. Even though the team has made several trades so far i have to believe they will still be making trades, especially with the injuries the team has had. The number one need for the team is a solid defenseman that can help the goaltenders. If the Avs want to make the playoffs then they need at least one guy who can really help the defense. Hunwick is just not cutting it right now and with Quincy out for the season they need someone bad.

Overall it will be quite the ride for fans of the Avs and we will see if we can make it two in a row for making the playoffs.

Comment what you think your team needs and stories are down the stretch and whether your team is going to make the playoffs.


George Prax's picture

I'm not sure if he can do it or how much he can contribute (despite what you say with your percentages Tongue) but I'm REALLY anxious to see Foppa in an NHL game. That's going to be an awesome moment.

Russell Dornisch's picture

he's still doing fine in practice and looks like he has a jump in his step, but we won't truly know still he steps on the ice for an actual game.