It's Official! Foppa Returns!

Peter Forsberg has returned officially to the Avs

Well it is official. Peter the great has returned and signed a contract for the Avs today after practice. The team announced a little while ago but haven't announced specifics. He will travel with the team today but will not play in Phoenix tomorrow night. My bet is by Friday we could see him play or next Monday at home. It will be interesting as to what he can bring to the table, but honestly right now I would take anything from this team that is just playing uninspired right now after yesterday's 3-0 loss to the Ducks.

News of the contract is $1 Million pro-rated... Not too shabby considering the Avs paid him $5 Mill prorated last time he came. THe cap it for this retunr won't be that much and give the Avs the continued wiggle room they have had. More moves I am sure are to come, but this could be a step in the direction of the playoffs.


Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

well hopefully it rekindles some of the avs-wings rivalry. it could use some spark