New Rookies create a Dilemma for the Avs

Both Kevin Shattenkirk and Colby Cohen have created a new question

I wouldn't want to be in coach Sacco's shoes right about now, however it is for a good reason. After a 5-0 beating of the Dallas Stars, Sacco has the question of who to play on defense. Colby Cohen who made his debut in the Stars game, and Kevin Shattenkirk who was playing in his second game both played well and gave a huge youthful boost to the defense. The problem is that the Avs will soon be getting the return services of Adam Foote, Ryan Wilson, and Kyle Cumiskey. In order to play both Shattenkirk and Cohen, Sacco will have to either send down two of the aforementioned defense men or scratch them. If I were Sacco I would definitely want to play and keep both Cohen and Shattenkirk, but as for what to do about the others, I have a few options.

I think what Sacco should do is dress Foote as the seventh defense man and then send Wilson and Cumiskey back to the minors. The problem is I believe neither play will go with this and this is where the dilemma actually is. Could a trade be possible for at least one of the defense man?

We will see in the next few weeks what Sacco decides to do as all three players should be returning from injuries within the next week. For his sake I hope he keeps the youthful defense together.