No TV for Avs and Panthers... SAY WHAT?!

This is all you will see if you try and watch Tuesdays game!

That's right folks, no television for this game what so ever! No versus, no local altitude, and no broadcast from Florida. How can this possibly happen? I am sure it has to do with the fact that Florida can't sellout or get any sort of crowd, but if it isn't because of this then the NHL should wake up. I don't get how there can't be a single broadcast for this game. If there isn't a local Florida broadcast and no national broadcast, THEN WHY CAN'T AlTITUDE COVER IT?! I am just so in shock that no way is covering the game and I am quite upset with the NHL!

Is this the beginning for the NHL in hard economic times? The NHL is way behind other leagues for exposure after signing with Versus after the lockout. I mean Versus? Which at the time was called the outdoor channel? Sorry for the rant, but I have been so upset over the loss of NHL on ESPN and NHL2night. And now with my favorite team not even being covered on TV whatsoever, it makes me even more upset with the league. I truly do hope this isn't the beginning with this.

And to make things better the Panthers are running a 1996 retro night to commemorate both teams run to the Cup in 96. Both captains will be on hand to drop the puck, yes that means Super Joe will be there. And the rest of the night will be themed as such with what Florida is describing retro music and graphics. Nothing has stated they are doing retro jerseys, but neither team really has changed their jerseys since except for changing to RBK. So again I feel the NHL is losing out for not finding some sort of outlet to broadcast this game. And another point, the Avs will have their broadcast crew at the game since the Avs are on a 5 game road trip. Now if someone does want to find out about the game, the Avs will have radio, but that only goes so far. I will say that I love Marc Moser and his fantastic calls of games (His call during game 3 of the playoffs against the Sharks is so good I have it as my ringer for my phone :) ). So we will see what I can report after the game not being able to actually see it.


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That is a little surprising, in this day & age, even with a team like the Panthers, you'd think it would be arranged for one of the two sides to guarantee TV... kind of ridiculous.

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Well the Avs covered Carolina the other night, and will cover Fridays, so I know they will be there... I just can't believe they aren't covering it!

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Wow. That is really bad. It makes it even more frustrating that the NHL is just letting cities that can't even get their arenas halfway full still keep a franchise. I don't understand why Altitude can't cover it. That bothers me.

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So more news has come back out, I guess Versus literally owns the 5-7 time slot on Tuesday nights and therefore the Avs game will not be shown because Versus isn't showing it. I don't get it, has any other teams had this problem? It is what the Denver Post is saying here.

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Well maybe for national coverage but I don't see how that would affect regional coverage. It's probably just a black hole in the schedule that kind of slipped through the cracks.

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No it's been confirmed, I guess Versus owns the Tuesday time slot between 5-7 on Tuesday's, and actually there are two other teams that won't be broadcasted tonight either... Dont know which. It's been confirmed by Adrian Dater of the Denver Post