Peter Forsberg to join the Avs tomorrow!! Fleischmann done for season.

Forsberg will begin practicing with the team tomorrow

Huge news after bad news.. One of the greatest Avs to ever play is making another comeback and will be skating with the team starting tomorrow! The news was just announced today after last nights 5-1 loss to the Predators. It was also a bad night for the Avs after it was found out Thomas Fleischmann would be gone for the season with pulminary emboli. Sad news for the Avs and Thomas, but they caught it before it could become more serious and possibly lead to sudden death

Then today the Denver Post has reported that Forsberg will skat at practice tomorrow morning to see if a comeback is in the cards. Big 24 hours as an Av fan. Officially right now, he has not signed a contract but will begin practicing with the team tomorrow morning. After the skate, there will be a press conference where the media will be able to question both Forsberg and the Avs Vice President. We will have to see how the skate goes for him and whether it leads to something or not. I for one am assuming that if he does decide to play it will be with the Avs since he will be practicing with the team. I couldn't see how the Avs would allow this if there wasn't some verbal agreement that if he decides to give it a go, that it would be with the Avs. The Avs desperately need some player after the loss of Fleischmann. Currently the Avs have no top LW for either their first or second line. If this isn't corrected some how, I can't see the Avs making the playoffs. We will see what happens but the next two days could be big!


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Wow, the avs must be REALLY desperate... can't blame them, poor Flash!

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I couldn't believe when they said he was done for the season! I mean how many times can this happen to the team. Trade for under achieving player, player finds their game again, player out for long period. Mueller and now Flash.

Rumor out of Sweden is Forsberg says he hasn't felt this good in the last 5 years like he does now. I will make sure to post more after the practice tomorrow! Exciting, If he can even play at 70%, he is still better than most!

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Even if he is ready to play, he isn't going to be anything more than a depth player. He was barely noticeable at the Olympics and obviously at, what, 36, 37, he's not going to make a huge impact... but considering his big game and playoff experience I can definitely see this being a positive for the Avs.