Possible Avalanche Deals at the Deadline

Trade Deadline Dealing

Well it is almost the second Christmas for hockey fans with the trade deadline quickly approaching.  Since it is coming so soon, the rumors are flying everywhere.  As an Av fan, the trade deadline has always been an exciting time.  I can't remember a year we didn't make at least on substantial deal.  Last year was the Erik Johnson deal, the year before that we had the Mueller for Wolski trade and so on.  And of course who could forget the big trades during the glory years for the Avs.  The Avs had trades for Theo Fluery, Rob Blake, Ray Bourque, and Darius Kasperitis.  Let's just say we have been spoiled each and every trade deadline, and it really brings some excitement this time of the year.  So below I will give my wish list for the Avs and what we might give up in order to see the deals through.  Now these are all just hypothetical, but feel free to chime in if you think the deals are fair!


Rick Nash and Jeff Carter


Columbus is at the point were it is time to blow up the roster and start over again.  This includes getting rid of Carter, but possibly getting something for Rick Nash as well.  Do I think the Avs can get both?  Unlikely!  But one or the other might suffice, however with Carter's contract, I would prefer Nash, but who wouldn't? What would I be willing to give up?  Honestly if Nash were involved, I would be willing to part with Stastny... Here's a possible scenario I could see happening

Stastny, Pickard, Quincy, Jones and a second round pick for Nash and Carter

With Varlamov in the system now long term, Pickard may never get to see his moment.  He is the Avs current top prospect in the system helping the Jackets build from the back end.  Jones is a potential 30 goal scorer, and Stastny is well Stastny, a potential franchise player that hasn't hit his prime just yet.  Quincy is a throw end to help the D and the second round pick can help even more.  The way I think it might work is how hard a partner for Carter might be with that contract

Likely hood: Doubtful

Andrei Kostitsyn


This is a trade that has picked up in the rumor mill more recently with the Avs at the right at the top.  They need a scoring winger, and AK might be the option the Avs have.  With AK, a winger who doesn't show up from time to time, the Avs get a little more depth in the goal scoring category and a winger as well.  And a change of scenery may be what AK needs.  Now the question comes down to what it will take to get him.  The Canadians are pretty heavy on D, but a bigger and more physical D-man may be what they need.  The Avs have Quincy, O'byrne, and Wilson may all fit the bill and be enough to land AK.  If not another player that may need a change to his scenery as well is David Jones.  How ever, Jones has had a recent resurgence that might mean he is regaining his old 30 goal form.  A possible trade scenario...

O'Byrne for AK straight up

likely hood: possible

Alexander Semin


This is another trade just like Kostitsyn, a good all around winger who has issues of not showing up sometimes and a need for a scenery change.  this is the kind of trade that may be a bit more simple for the Avs.  Possible trade options for Semin...

Quincy/Jones for Semin

Either Quincy or Jones fits the bill depending on if the Caps want a D man or a forward.  Jones is a potential 30 goal scorer, but again may need a change.  Quincy is set to possibly walk this summer with a log jam at the Defenseman spot.  We will have to see on this one, and with the history of the trades between the Caps and Avs, this one is very likely.  Although the people involved might change a bit.

Likely hood: Likely

Dustin Penner


Dustin Penner is another name on the market of being traded, and another player the Avs could use at wing.  A power forward like Penner might do the Avs well.  But is he a player I believe would fit in with the Avs system, not really.  Possible trades...

Jones and a 2nd pick for Penner

Jones is really the biggest piece the Avs have that is expendable, other guys are there, but Jones seems the most likely candidate.

Likely hood: None

Chris Stewart


This trade has really peaked my interest since I heard he might be on the block.  What if the Avs could get Stewart back.  Fans aren't still over the trade from last year feeling Stewart wasn't given a fair chance.  Stewart is still friends with most of the Avs players even spending the all-star break with a few of them.  But would Stewart be able to forgive Avs brace for the trade last year?  This one where I see a Jones for Stewart work out since Stewart is struggling so much.  This would end up as a Jones, Shattenkirk for McClemment, Johnson, and Siemens.  I think the Avs would win that.  But that's what happens when you get a player like Stewart who can't show up sometimes.

Likely hood: possibly


It will be an interesting deadline, and the next few games may very well help decide what happens.  The Avs need to get back on track and if they are fighting for a spot, one of these deals may happen.