Shutout twice in a row... It's over

Well we can't stop them from scoring 3, and we can't score..

For the second straight game that Avs lost 3-0, and it is starting to get ridiculous. I have no idea what the true reason they are playing this bad. There isn't one part of the team that can be blamed more than the other. The defense is bad, the goaltending mediocre, no one can score on this team. The only place one can put blame in this situation is the coach. Coach Sacco keeps benching players, putting them through bag skates, calling up and sending players down. Nothing is working and you have to wonder if it might be Sacco himself.

Peter Forsberg didn't play last night because of immigration issues and had to even leave the country last night and re-enter in order to obtain his work visa. All signs point to Wednesday night as being his first game, and barring a miracle I think even if Foppa was at 100% and playing like he did in the 90's the Avs still wouldn't have a chance at making it. Oh, and the several reports or ideas that the Avs should use Forsberg as trade bait have no legs seeing as the deal Forsberg signed has a no trade clause and a no movement clause. I'm pretty much calling it the end for the team this year, barring like I said: a miracle.

The team is young, they are going to get better, but right now they just don't have it. Besides a couple of young guys on the team, no one is playing like they should. You feel bad for players like Duchene who are busting their butts and playing like vets when the older veterans are playing uninspired hockey. This team is plain and simply a bad team. It is looking like the Craig Anderson era of the Avs might be over because he is just not playing like he did last year. Besides a few games at the beginning of the season, he has just not played like a great starter. He is a mediocre starter at best right now and that will not work. Budaj is a glorified backup and isn't the answer either.

So what is the answer? I don't think any of our prospects are ready for the big time just yet. The only one I even see as being a possible NHL player is Pickard, but he is still in juniors and the likelihood of him being ready next year is near none. Free Agency? not likely. I can't see there being much choices for the Avs that could make a change. Literally I think the Avs might be out of luck and having to wait until one of the prospects are ready. Maybe Andy will be resigned at a cheap price since this year has been a bust, but I do believe we should let Budaj go. Stop signing him to 1 mill+ as a backup and sign someone that could challenge for a starting job and push Andy. They just don't have that now.

We will see what happens the rest of the the way, but I have almost lost all hope of this team making a run.


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It seems pretty obvious that they can't score... injuries weighing down hard on them. They're going to have to make a move at the deadline.

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the wings lost two in a row 3-0 as well. the avs should turn it around too

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yea but were on a five game losing streak overall and counting. Not looking too hot for the team. Going to take a lot to turn it around!

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Forsberg is in Canada right now and will hopefully join the team for tomorrow nights game. At practice yesterday morning, Forsberg celebrated a pickup game win by throwing his glove in the air and shooting it... sounds like he is having fun and hopefully it translates into him playing well.