who will be the Avs choice in the draft?

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is right now projected number one

Well the Avs are almost guaranteed a top 5 pick, barring some miraculous run that gets them out of that spot, but also the Avs free fall may land them with the number one pick. Especially seeing as the Avs play the last place Oilers 2 more times, and well they already lost to them 5-2 both games. I thought I would take a look at the top 5 projected pick and see what would be the best pick for the Avs. Now you have to look at it like this; do the Avs need to replace Stewy, or after injuries are we fine up front. With all the smaller d prospects, should the Avs go after a true D-man to pair or help Johnson out. Or do the Avs just go for the best player available? Let's see what the choices are...

#1 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins F

With comparisons to Super Joe, Ryan would be a great pick at the number one spot. Right now it looks like Ryan will go number one, so if the Avs can secure that spot I could see him wind up in an Avs uni. Another Av player comparison, which could end up being a linemate of his is Matt Duchene. With Hejduk retiring in the next two years or so, it wouldn't be bad to have a guy like Ryan to fill that spot. A Duchene-Hopkins line would be great to see, and we could call the duo the doctors with Matt's initials being MD and Ryan's last name being Hopkins. Plus the kid is so good they gave him two last names.

#2 Adam Larsson D

Well this could definitely be the Avs guy. D is what they need bad and he looks like one that could be compared to Hedman or the Avs own Johnson. He is a big guy with a lot of room to mature and grow as a player. This pick would solidify the back line for years to come and could finally give the Avs what they desperately need. Larsson likes Duncan Keith and wants his game to be like his. Great pick for whoever gets him. The biggest thing will be where do the Avs pick, and what will their needs be. The top two picks are pretty much between these top two guys.

#3 Gabriel Landeskog F

This guy probably fills the biggest need right now, the ability to replace Chris Stewart. Honestly if the Avs get this guy I believe we can call ourselves the winners in the trade. I say this because we get the power forward Stewy was, we have Elliott to replace Shatty, and then we got Johnson who could become one of the best D-men in the league. Add in the pick that is looking like it will happen this year and the Avs got a pretty nice deal overall for the future of the team. The Blues would currently have the 9th pick, but are only points away from the top 10 and with the current hot streak the Blues have hit since the trade, the Avs will most likely have two picks in the first round this year. Either of the top three would be players I would be excited for. However something about Landeskog has me even more excited.

#4 Sean Couturier C

Not a huge fan of this guy, especially when he is compared to Jason Arnott. However a few months ago Sean was projected to go number one and has since dropped. Could be a risk in a top three pick but I feel he could go 4 or 5 and it would be a good pick. As for the Avs, I have a feeling a top 3 pick is what the Avs will get and therefore I cannot see them taking a flyer on this guy.

#5 Ryan Murphy D

Well Don Cherry was somewhat wrong because this guy won't be number one, but he is a top 5 pick. However he is not the right top 5 pick for the Avs. Another Offensive D-man is not what this team needs and knowing are ability to always draft offensive d-men I could see the team picking him. That would be the wrong pick though. This is not what the Avs need and they shouldn't go after him. This is one pick I would actually be upset with if the Avs got him. They have too many of these guys in the system and it is why we are here right now. We need guys who want to play D and then chip in occasionally on the offensive side. Hopefully the Avs will not get him and get at least one of the other 4 guys

Bonus pick

Since the Avs will most likely have another first rounder, I wanted to look at potential later 1st rounders the Avs could go after. One that intrigues me is Nick Shore out of the University of Denver. Shore would fit well in Denver and continue his career in the same city Paul Stastny did. Shore would be a low 1st to second round pick that could make an impact later on as he has some room to mature and coming from the college game.

We will have to wait and see where the Avs end up before actually narrowing down what they will pick, but it is nice to bring hope in a time of despair.