Worst day in Avalanche History!

On a day when out of no where Peter Forsberg announces his retirement, the Avs have had the worst day ever. As I write this the score is 8-1, scratch that, make it 9-1 now. Listening to the announcers try to cover up the horrible play is just plain stupid. Saying it's unlucky, and not really getting any bounces... IT'S 9-1! That isn't just bounces!!

Add on to the terrible game, The avs lost two players including Matt Duchene. You hope Duchene's injury isn't bad, but he left with a pretty bad hand injury. Also rookie defensemen Cameron Gaunce was hit with a puck and also left not being able to put pressure on his leg. So let's see the injury list right now.

Matt Duchene
Cameron Gaunce
Adam Foote
Kyle Quincy-out for the season
Peter Mueller
T.J. Galiardi-Possibly out for the season?
Thomas Fleishmann-out for the season
Kyle Cumiskey- possibly out for the season?

I mean this is just the worst I have ever seen an injury bug hit a team. But in my honest opinion, worst day in Colorado history. Forsberg retired, Duchene injured, 9-1 loss... What else can go wrong? I shouldn't say that because then the news will be that Matty D is done for the season.

No why has it gone this way for the Avs? Who knows, too many things going wrong at once to really pinpointing it. The only thing I can say is Sacco's head must be on the cutting block with the way this team is heading. Right now I think this game tonight has officially finished this season for the Avs, and makes them a seller at the deadline. Who they might trade? I have no idea. There is really no one on this team that isn't a young star that a team would want to take on for a playoff run. The only name that has been thrown out was Craig Anderson, but that ship has sailed with his recent play and personal issues.

It is a sad time to be an Avalanche fan, and at a game that fans were expecting to see Peter the Great, they got the Avalanche who suck!


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While I don't want to downplay the injuries for the Avs, the Canucks have their entire top four defensemen on IR lol. That's insane though, back luck after bad luck.