What is Kiprusoff worth? Where would he Go?

Interesting conversations revolve around Kiprusoff and what his worth is on the trade market. Is he too old? Too expensive?

This years UFA crop would include Vokun, Ellis, Broduer and Montoya as goalies you may want to start on your team. That is not a list that makes you break out the wallet and pay whatever they want. There is up coming RFA Cory Scneider who, when qualified, will be a steal at just over a million dollars. There is Bernier in L.A. who has another year at 1.25 Million, another steal. The thinking is though are those guys going to be made available at that salary? Why would those teams trade winning goalies who cost next to nothing?

Out of all of those goalies mentioned who has more experience, more wins and more acclaim than Kipper? Broduer obviously. If the main issue with Kipper is his age however then I would have to say that Brodeur is much more of a risk.

When compensation is mentioned it is noted that Kiprusoff has a cap hit of 5.83 million for the next two seasons however his actually salary is averaged out at 3.25 million. This is noteworthy as it means money consious teams may actually take more interest in Kiprusoff because here you have an all world goalie that should cost 5-6 million on average and is averaging much less than that.

Who are the interested parties? No one knows for certain but teams like Columbus and Toronto have outwardly stated or strongly implied that goaltending was an issue for them. Tampa needs a decent starter, Edmonton could use an upgrade for sure, San Jose and Chicago both made the playoffs with decent goaltending, would Kipper give them that much more though? The islanders look over at the rangers and see an all- world goalie although their goaltending wasn’t horrible by any means.

What would Calgary want? A first round draft pick would be the obvious starting point, what else that would be added to any potential trade would be totally up in the air. So in assuming that the Flames asking price is starting with a first, anything less would be not worth moving him, who’s first is most attractive? Obviously Edmonton’s but there is no way on both sides of that coin that a trade like that is even discussed. Columbus with the 2nd overall pick would certainly be very interesting to Calgary but would Columbus want a 35 year old goalie to start another re-build? Toronto’s 5th overall pick would be very attractive to Calgary, I’d have to think Burke would like Kipper (although Iggy would be his sticking point) and there is something to discuss there. Tampa would have interest I would think, they could afford him next year and still have roughly the same team or better, would the 10th overall pick be enough for the Flames though? Moving up four spots does not seem like a big leap. San Jose has a goalie that has won it all and is signed long term, Chicago has done pretty well with Crawford and he is very affordable.

So back to what Kipper is worth. The Flames asking for a first rounder as a start seems like a no brainer. With the defence he had in front of him this year his SV% and GAA were nothing short of spectacular.

It seems to me that when I break it down and look at who might actually like Kipper and make a decent trading partner I would rank them in order:





*Contingent upon Di Pietro retiring this summer as rumoured. Having Kiprusoff and Nabakov would be excellent and the cap situation vs. actual dollars would work well for Wang and getting the islanders to the floor.


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I agree in that I think this is THE time to trade Kipper. His value has never been higher and the Flames are at a point where they have the successor(Drunk in the wings in Irving and possibly Ramo (however Im hesistant on Ramo as I havent seen him play in the NHL and fear another "Monster" in our midst).
A first round pick is what we should demand and a high first round pick at that plus a prospect. Burke could be willing to overpay given his situation. And we know he is not afraid to trade first round picks...

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Do we want toronto to get ANOTHER player from us? Seems like they bend us over again and again! lol

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I understand the logic in trading Kipper now, but there's something that really bothers me about it. Regardless of what they get in return, trading Kipper only guaranteed one thing: they'll have a lesser goaltender next year. So tough to pull the trigger on a trade like that.

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Thnaks for your thoughts Bryan. Ramo is in the system and often forgotten about. He is the best goalie outside the NHL right now in the opinion of many scouts. a combo of him and irving would ensure 82 games of really good goaltending. Would it be 70 games of spacatular goaltending? no. However if you look at ramo's stats in the KHL playoffs this year, they are way better than kiuppers in the 04 playoffs...to give you an idea.

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Kipper's 35. Even if you have a lesser goalie replacing him that's still trading an asset while he still has value instead of wasting your time with him for 2-3 more years while he's on the downfall before he retires. Now's the time to trade Kipper IMO.

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The Flames have to look at this move as a long term move. Kipper out. Irving in. Plus a bunch of prospects that Kipper should give back in return.