How You Can Become an NHL "INSIDER"

I get that including big names in the rumour mill means that more attention will be drawn to whoever is posting it (from their basement wearing underwear) but history shows that the reality is the big star you hope your team will land is actually not on the market. The reason your favorite rumour mongers are more often wrong than right is that they are always looking for the grand slam instead of the bunt.

I do not know one “insider” that called the Krys Barch to Florida deal and I follow quite a few on twitter, furthermore if they did call it no one was jumping up and down to exclaim they call the deal. Realistically these are the deals that get made during the season. Kabrle and Spacek is maybe considered one of the bigger moves I’ve seen recently and again I did not recall anyone calling it. Yet over and over again I keep hearing, “insider” and “sources”.

If you want the real boring truth, the big players are not likely to move until the deadline and maybe not even then. The deadline, including the week leading up to it and the draft are the two times a year you can watch your “sources” with any real enthusiasm because Jarome Iginla is not being traded tomorrow. Alex Semin is not being traded tomorrow. Zach Parise is not being traded tomorrow. Sure Carolina is having a rough time but they aren’t trading Staal, let it go. Focus on the guys who will actually be traded, the Krys Barch’s of the world.

There are guys who can use time stamping as a fraudulent way of saying they called a trade as well, this is done by creating a forum or chat room that is closed and posting rumors to create the time stamp, after this if a rumour comes to fruition and actually does happen this can be moved to a public forum and be bragged about with a time stamp of long before the trade was consummated. For instance I could say Semin to the Flames, have a few of you who are in the know say thanks for the heads up to make it look legit, and move it over to a public site the minute it actually happens giving the appearance I knew long before anyone else.

Friends help, guys who can get your “rumour” posted and forward via social media or forums are the accelerant here, it takes just one lucky strike with a rumour or to have one legit guy “follow” you on twitter to make you have the appearance of an insider.

In each organization there is a few people who actually know the workings of a trade, the G.M. making the trade, the pro scouting director who will be asked about players, the assistant G.M. who usually does the cap and contract work and the president as a liaison to the owners. If a rumour gets leaked it is 9/10 times not from the organization but from someone associated with the player, like fiends or a team mate perhaps. Who knows really. Obviously rumours can be made up very easily too. I could easily write, “ Iginla was not the guy Washington wanted, they wanted a package of kipper and bourque for Semin, Ward, Vokun and Colorado's pick however feaster was reluctant to actually give up a Bourque a large fast scorer which is rare. A source within the capitals leaked this info after the trade collapsed.” It has an odd aura of truth right? It works money wise. It gives the flames futures. Totally made up.

I guess at the core of it anyone can be an “insider” or have “sources” but know that there are very few that actually have credible sources like G.M.’s and hockey contacts texting them. You can usually see these guys getting texts on TV during the big solstice events of the NHL, the draft day, free agent day and the deadline day. Anyone else is worth taking with a grain of salt.



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It is true. Everyone is always on the edge of their seats waiting for a big trade. When a name like a Lecavalier or Luongo gets thrown around, independent of the credibility or lack of sense in the proposal, fans of the sport get excited. And once a deal like this doesn't materialize it is out with the pitchforks. An important point to realize is that it is us the fans, who demand such news and if there is not much going on in the market, fabrication tends to be the way to go for some so-called insiders.

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Thing is, I actually believe that most of these "insiders" actually have sources. Their rumors aren't necessarily about what's going to happen, but things that are being discussed. I don't doubt that GMs are calling Rutherford and asking about Staal, or Calgary and asking about Iginla. The problem is that the distinction between a phone call or trade discussion and what truly consists of a rumor isn't being made. But people want their rumors, so the "experts" are going to keep dishing them out. I know plenty of people who say they have sources within organizations. Hell I know people who work for teams too. It's about how you use them, if at all. These insiders are just more active in creating these relationships and using them, I think it's as simple as that.

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A classic example is Eklund. Sure, the guy posts some pretty neat stuff about trade rumours, but someone looked at all his rumours ad only like 2% came true. What I agree with is George's take on how these players might be discussed, the GM's getting calls for those guys even if they aren't on the market. And 'insiders' will try and figure out who exactly is calling, and what they would give up, thus leading to a rumour. It's all for publicity, I like when the actual deal goes down and analyzing it instead of hoping for landing that big fish in a trade. Except I'll take Parise for the Wings, thanks.

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Kyle, unfortunatley my sources have Parise going to the Flames in the off season. By sources I mean my wishful thinking.