Campoli Dresses But Why Is Emelin Not?

The Montreal Canadiens host the New York Islanders tonight and Jason gives us his thoughts on the game.  One of the questions he had was if Chris Campoli would be dressing tonight.  The Habs front office and coaching staff has never been too forthcoming with any information about the team or its' players.  They like to keep us guessing and feel that a cloak of secrecy will give them a leg up on the opposition....anyways....

Chris Campoli has been out of the line up since he tore his hamstring against the Toronto Maple Leafs on October 6th.  Since his injury Raphael Diaz and Alexei Emelin have stepped up and have each made a case to stay in the lineup.  Yannick Weber has done everything to worthy a seat in the pressbox.  The back end got even more crowded with the recent addition of Tomas Kaberle.

Campoli is back in the lineup and Emelin will be sitting.  Emelin has finally began to play like he was advertised.  He is a steady player and is the only Hab that consistently plays the body.  Opposing players have now realized that going in the corner with Alexei will mean getting hit and hit hard.  So why is he sitting tonight?

The Habs six defencemen tonight will be P.K. Subban, Josh Gorges, Hal Gill, Kaberle, Campoli and most likely Diaz.  Yannick Weber might be dressed and play on the fourth line.  Both Weber and Diaz are viewed at being more offensive threats that Emelin.  Both were supposed to help on the powerplay but that hasn't occured and the powerplay has been dismal.  

Subban and Kaberle should now be the number one powerplay unit and they should play the entire two minutes.  Gorges can fill in whenever needed.  You do not need Diaz or Weber.  Emelin should dress and that way he can continue his improvement. 

We will have to wait and see exactly how it works out tonight.  Martin and Gauthier are very close to have played all the cards they have.  The game against the Islanders will be the first time we get to see our full compliment of defencemen.  Oh wait there is still Andrei Markov!


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George Prax's picture

I don't even know why they need Campoli. I mean, obviously the D still needs work but it's not like Campoli was supposed to be some sort of savior. Diaz has been playing well, sure, but so has Emelin. why mess with the roster for a guy who's played one game as a Hab?

Jason Pietroniro's picture

I don't care who gets scratched. I am excited for Campoli return. For all we know we may have another surprise like we did with Gorges.

George Prax's picture

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, I'm pretty sure Campoli isn't the next Gorges. Gorges was acquired when he was 22, Campoli's likely already peaked at 27. Emelin on the other hand was just starting to come into his own.

HfxHabby's picture

forget the defense for a minute, where the hell is White? he seems to be the forgotten Man this year, whats going on?

Shahab Khan's picture

Ryan White - October 5th - Hernia Surgey ... on the website it says Lower body injury - but i was a Hernia...and yes it would be nice to see him in the lineup - think of Ryan Jones with the Oilers but beter

HfxHabby's picture

this is the guy we need, to hell with Markov lol.
thanks for the info, any timetable?

Shahab Khan's picture

no timetable yet - but let me see if I can do some digging

George Prax's picture

Sports hernias are a mess to recover from. Add to that the fact that this is the Habs, and they tend to hide things from their fans, and you gotta wonder whether there's a point to even asking. I do miss him too though.