Habs Link Checks: December 12, 2011

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It's a Monday, during the middle of December, and the Montreal Canadiens are tied for eighth in the Eastern conference.  31 points after 30 games actually puts the Habs in ninth place tied with the Capitals, but we are close!

From TCL:

George Prax and his feelings about Tomas Kaberle.

"I have an email address" Pierre Gauthier by Phil T.

The Media:

Sportsnet with a short blurb about Lars Eller's fine. Forget about the lack of information in the article - was that the only picture of Lars they could find?

The Venerable Michael Farber on CNNSI about Louis Leblanc. Finally someone speaks about the lack of Quebecers on the team.  Farber also includes a nice photo blog.   

The official Montreal Canadiens site say goodbye to Jaroslav Spacek - well sort of. I wonder how Jaro feels about finishing his career in Carolina.  I wouldn't be too happy!

The Montreal Gazette and Jack Todd on Pierre Gauthier. Todd vents about everything most of us were thinking.

Red Fisher on Tomas Kaberle. Red reminds us that one game does not make Kaberle.

My Thoughts:   

Unlike most, I like the trade for Tomas Kaberle.  I think he will help the team get into the playoffs and for now that is all we can ask for.  Once you make the playoffs anything can happen.  

But like most, I agree with the uproar.  Spacek has an expiring contract and trading him away for a diminishing 30 year with two more years left on his contract is mind boggling.  As I discussed in my post game article Saturday night, it's another move by Gauthier and Martin to save their jobs.  Part of me wants the team to make the playoffs but another part of me wants them to finish dead last.  That way Mr. Molson can clean house and we can get a high draft pick in a very deep draft. 

When coaches are on the hots seat, they usually go back to what they do best.  For Martin its' playing his veterans all the time and sticking to his 90s boring style of clogging up the the middle.  Martin it's time to let Erik Cole, Andrei Kostitsyn and Lars Eller get their twenty minutes per game of ice time.  And please take the shackles off of P.K. Subban. 

On a final note, I can not stand the sight of seeing the Toronto Maple Leafs ahead of the Habs in the standings.  Yes the Leafs are slowly coming back down to earth but if I have to hear one more media guy talking about the route for the Stanley Cup parade done Yonge street - well I think you know where I am going with this.


George Prax's picture

Like I said when the trade happened, Kaberle is a good fit here, that's not the problem. Problem is, the move is 3 months too late, and the term is killer considering he's got nowhere to go but down really. But we'll definitely see a positive effect on the ice, there's no doubt about that. It reeks of a hail mary / saving face type move and I hate that because that's every move with Gauthier.