Habs Link Checks: December 20, 2011

The Montreal Canadiens sit out of the playoffs in twelth place.  The Habs have 33 points, two points out of eighth place and seven points ahead of last place.

The Media:

TSN talks to Patrick Roy and he listens.

Geoff Molson's statement from the Canadian Press.

English or French being a coach in Quebec is hard by the Associated Press.

Mark Spector from Sportsnet and the rush to find a coach.

ESPN says Francais s'il vous plait.

CNNSI on Red Fisher's influence.

The Globe and Mail discusses stickhandling lol.

Cunneyworth and Hickey actually talk about last night's game in the Montreal Gazette.

And Red Fisher summing it all up.

My Thoughts:

Wow it has been an exciting weekend.  A coach gets fired and an assistant gets promoted, well sort of.  The language debate starts up again in Quebec and it feels like 1978 all over again.

Am I happy that we fired Jacques Martin?  Yes.  Am I happy that we promoted Randy Cunneyworth? No.  Am I happy that we have an anglophone coach who can't say hello in French? No.  Am I happy with the French media's reaction in Quebec? No.

The Habs lost again and just seemed to mired in mediocrity.  The entire past ten years has been mediocrity.  So we need something to change and change drastically.  Maybe we should just tank the season and try to get a high draft pick.  Then again this is Montreal and we don't tank anything.

I can't wait to see what happens in the next few days.  This I know, Cunneyworth will not survive the season and nor will general manager Pierre Gauthier.

Shahab Khan the Schoolboy


George Prax's picture

I'm so sick of this french vs. english bullshit. The losers in all of this are Cunneyworth and the fans, and harping on an irrelevant issue such as what language the coach speaks is ridiculous. I love how firing the guy who everyone wanted gone somehow ended up making things worse.