Habs Link Checks: December 28, 2011

The Montreal Canadiens are coming off a win to end Randy Cunneyworth's winless streak.  The Habs sit in twelth place with 35 points.

The Checking Line:

David Collins: and the losing steak is snapped.

The Media:

Tony Marinaro on TSN on the infamy of Cunneyworth.

HabsTV on the official site of the Montreal Canadiens talks with prospect Brendan Gallagher.  The site also has discussion with Carey Price, Lars Eller, Yannick Weber and P.K. Subban.

Damien Cox of the Toronto Star tells the world that the Habs are the worst Canadian team. 

Red Fisher from the Montreal Gazette with his thoughts on Molson.

My Thoughts:

It was great to see a comfortable win last night.  Heck any win with the way the team has been struggling makes me feel a little better.  I, along with almost everyone else, have that feeling the coach Cunneyworth is just warming the bench for his replacement.  I am not talking about at the end of the season but very soon.  Actually, I hope very soon.  I don't see the team changing their fortunes with Cunneyworth or Pierre Gauthier at the helms.  A full house cleaning is due.

The team itself played well last night.  Lars Eller, coming back from being put in the pressbox against Winnipeg, easily played his best game of the season.  It would have been nice for Cunneyworth to sit some of his veterans and not Eller or Subban against Winnipeg.  That would have made a bigger statement but most of the vets are hurt anyways so it was Lars and P.K. that took their punishment.  It was one game and it was a win.  We are only four points out of the playoffs but the next two weeks will be importants ones, not only for the team but also for Cunneyworth.  

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George Prax's picture

Well, Gauthier said Cunneyworth is there until the end of the year, but of course if Gauthier gets canned all bets are off. That said, I just don't see Molson having the balls to fire Gauthier at this point in the season. I'm not even sure if Gauthier's to blame anymore anyway, people forget that Gainey's still back there pulling the strings.