Kings Honored at White House


It was a big day for Los Angeles sports teams as the Stanley Cup Kings and MLS Champions Galaxy were honored today at 1:45 Eastern at the White House. 

The Kings were positioned to the President's right and the Galaxy on the left as Obama gave a quick recap of both teams championship runs last season. It's hard to tell how closely Obama follows hockey as he flipped through notes and read quotes by Jarrett Stoll and Captain Dustin Brown regarding their playoff run.

The President is an avid Chicago sports fan making today especially sweet for the Kings after last night's 5-4 victory over the Blackhawks. Obama mentioned that the players gave him some grief regarding last night's game to which the President responded, "Given this season how rare it is to beat the Blackhawks I want to congratulate them for that as well." It was a lighthearted remark that got a lot of laughs and even produced a large smile on Darryl Sutter's face. 

After receiving a number 44 black Kings jersey with Obama's name on the back the team posed with the President for pictures.

The Kings and Galaxy will host a Let's Move! Clinic after the ceremony as a part of the Kings Care Foundation and the Major League Soccer's community outreach initiative. The clinic promotes the importance of healthy lifestyles and educational/recreational youth programs in Los Angeles.

The Kings get back on the ice Thursday in St. Louis against the Blues.