Is One Man Really Worth It

New York - Well there is good news and bad news over in the Land of the New Jersey Devils. The good news is that it seems as if Ilya Kovalchuk will be back and playing for the Devils in the 2010-11 season. The bad is that general manager Lou Lamoriello will have to make moves so that he can get under the $59.4 million salary cap before the start of regular season.

Which leads me to the question-was giving Kovalchuk this type of deal really worth it? With forward Patrik Elias making six million through 2013 and Brian Rolston owed 5,062 through 2010, along with Jamie Langenbrunner owed 2.8 million, who do the Devils move?

Langenbrunner, who is the current face of the franchise and the captain of the team? The reacquired Jason Arnott, who has been a part of the Devils winning the Stanley Cup and a former member of the A-Line?

It is a hard decision for GM Lamoriello to make, especially with all of the NHL teams cracking down and keeping with the salary cap, and it makes you wonder is this one player really worth it. Is this deal really worth all of the hassle for New Jersey; especially with homegrown star Zach Parise needing a new contract with New Jersey after this season?

The Devil is in the details now for New Jersey as they not only try to figure out a way to get under the cap-but back into the final rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and once again hosting the Cup over their heads again.