Devils Fail To Reach Out To Parise; Arbitration Next

The New Jersey Devils had a chance to reach out to Zach Parise to get an extension worked out but his phone never rang. It's now very clear that Devils plan to file team-elected arbitration before next week’s cut off. The drop dead date could come as early as Wednesday or as late as next Friday depending on how quickly the Stanley Cup Finals are completed. This essentially would prevent Parise from listening to offer sheets from other teams. Here we go again, another failed attempt at respectability.

Parise is set to become a restricted free agent on July 1.

This news comes as a slap in the face to fans that were repeatedly told that Lou Lamoriello and the Devils management would do what ever it took to reach out and sign Parise to an extension. If Parise takes this as an insult this may very well be the beginning of the end to the Parise era in New Jersey. Lou Lamoriello is a hockey genius and I have to believe this is just a way to buy extra time until there is enough cap room to work out a long term deal. Parise has repeatedly said he hopes to remain with the Devils but how much longer will he continue to feel that way if the team doesn't extend even the smallest of olive branches?

This whole thing is leaving a bad taste in my mouth because I believe that Parise is the one player besides Martin Brodeur that you just don't mess around with. I hope that we have a quick resolution or at least I hope some light is shed as to what direction this team is headed or I see some very dark days ahead.


Steve Palumbo's picture

I have to say, I'm pretty frustrated. Can you tell?

Adam Pardes's picture

Can't blame you, they had to at least discuss it with him before moving on to arbitration.

George Prax's picture

Ya, that's pretty ridiculous. This is a franchise-level player we're talking about and someone who could easily win a bunch of player awards if he weren't playing in a defensive system. Not a guy you mess around with like this. Wouldn't be surpised to see him wearing a different jersey next year.