Why is the All-Star Game So Important?

Every year NHL fans gather in the winter season for one special occasion, the NHL All-Star Game. The All-Star game hosts a collection of NHL celebrities, ranging from the players to coaches and management. There is always something for the fans to look forward to and anytime the All-Star game is coming around, you’re going to hear about it.

This year we will see the All-Star game taking place in Ottawa, home of the Senators. It’s no secret that Ottawa has been trying to land a big NHL event in their city for a long while and their one success on landing some event would be the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. With the All-Star Game arriving in Ottawa this season, the city has tons to look forward to.

Fans from all over the place look forward to this event as a chance to meet some of their favourite players and take part in some of the most exciting events that happen during the All-Star Game. There are plenty of events that take place during this one special weekend that makes it so great to come to this event; so it is common to see fans from all over the league gathering to take part in this event.

The All-Star Game is really just a celebration of everything that usually represents winter as a whole, and this year will be no exception. We’ve seen events planned out for the All-Star game all around the Ottawa Convention Centre with plenty of events taking part of the Rideau Canal skate way as well. The point of all these events is to make sure that the fans are entertained through the entire event so they will remember this event for a long time.

With all the events that Ottawa has planned out through the city for the weekend, it’s not surprising to think that the All-Star Game isn’t exactly the main attraction of the whole weekend plans. With so much to do, people may prefer skating on the Canal if they have never had the opportunity to do so before. Or participating in all the stuff planned out at Fan Fair could be the main attraction. Even the night skate planned out for tonight looks like it could be a ton of fun.

With the All-Star Game taking place in Ottawa this year it means that businesses will strive off the event, looking to make a profit off all of the events that are taking place. Of course the city as a whole is going to make a huge profit off of hotel rooms and whatever else people are buying throughout the weekend. The hope for this event is to showcase how great the city can be and hopefully attract more tourism, and bring more money in. It’s not all about that though, you also want to make sure that this event is always as good as it’s hyped up to be.

The All-Star Game is something that is going to showcase all the things that are great about Ottawa, everything that everyone loves about the NHL, and it looks to be as if this will be one great weekend for any hockey fan or Ottawa tourist. If you find yourself in the city this weekend, be sure to check the events out!


Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Nice read, but I can't help but notice that you said nothing about the actual game itself. What you are saying about the game is totally true and it's just a showcase and I agree with all your points. What do you think of the actual game? Do you think that it's that important once you forget all the stuff you just talked about?

Steven Smeall's picture

Disregarding all the events that go on, the game is important itself. It showcases the talent that the NHL has and could really draw the attention of new fans. People look at the All-Star game as just a fun occasion in the NHL season. While I agree that the Skills Competition and Game are awesome to watch, I think that it really is just a way to draw more people to watch the NHL. Of course the game is important compared to the other events and such, as it really just ends up being like a fundraiser or something like it. What's your opinion on the Game?

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I think the game is a total mockery of the actual game itself. No hitting, everyone going 50%. The game is to showcase hockey and I don't think it shows the nation what an actual game is like.