Are You Ready For Some Hockey?

...Too bad the sharks aren't playing any today. We still have to wait until Friday to watch another Shark's game. But maybe, just maybe, what seems like a punishment might actually be a blessing in disguise.

You see, a myriad of Sharks are out right now with various injuries and would not have been ready to go on an earlier date. Havlat is still recuperating from a shoulder injury. Niemi is recovering from minor surgery that removed a cyst from his knee. And Marleau has missed every practice this week with the flu.

Two of these three players, sans Marleau, also missed the opening game of the season. Which is a real testament to how stacked this Sharks team is with depth at all positions. They can still find ways to win games, quite handily might I add, with their top two goalies and and a top six winger out of the lineup.

But that was against the Coyotes, a team barely capable of icing a team with four NHL-quality centers. The Ducks are going to be another challenge all together, as they have the privilege to throw out one of the best lines in hockey on any given shift. If Marleau and Havlat were not ready to go by game time, and Niemi was still out, this Sharks team would just not stack up to the Ducks on the offensive and goaltending sides of the puck. But if these players are dressed and ready, i see no reason why the Sharks won't pull out a win this Friday.

Random Notes from the Sharks and around the NHL:

- Niemi participated in his longest practice to date today, which is a good sign, but it is still not a given that he participates in Friday's game.

- As per every Sharks affiliate on Twitter, T-Mac fully expects Marleau to play Friday despite recovering from the flu.

- Is anybody else worried about this Penguins team? No Crosby, no Malkin, and all they seem to is get points. When those two come back..... Watch out.

- It looks like Bruce Boudreau was pretty smart for playing Neuvirth in the opening game, as Vokoun was pretty bad in his first start. After the game, Vokoun said something to the effect of "it shows how good this team is. They won tonight with basically no goaltending" (not word for word).

- There are some rookies making real names for themselves early on this season. Craig Smith (NSH) and Luke Adam (BUF) both have 4 points in their first 2 games. First overall pick Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored a goal in his first game, but playing on a line with Hall and Hemsky, I'm surprised that is all he had.

- I don't want to burst anybody's bubble (oh, who am I kidding, it's what I live for) but this Jets team is going to be bad this season. They won't even sniff the post-season. You can take the Thrashers out of Atlanta, but you can't take the suck out of the Thrashers.

- The Sharks have as many points this season as the Stanley Cup Winning Boston Bruins. Oh yeah, and the Bruins have played 3 games.

- As a tribute to the late, great Steve Jobs, I wrote this whole thing on my Iphone while watching Friends. Thanks Steve, you changed the world.


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Not to demean the rest of your article, which was great, but this was probably the best part:

"- As a tribute to the late, great Steve Jobs, I wrote this whole thing on my Iphone while watching Friends. Thanks Steve, you changed the world."

Good work Tongue