San Jose's Most Wanted

Public Enemy #1: Corey Perry


I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say that Corey Perry is my least favorite player in the NHL. Perry is the kind of player who plays dirty and never has to stick up for himself; he has George Parros to do that for him. You might think I would hate Parros more, but it's his job to fight. It's Perry's combination of skill and dirtiness that makes you hate him.


The moment I realized I hated Perry was in a game where the Ducks played the Sharks, and after Perry was finished doing whatever he's doing, he winds up on the back of Nabokov. He then cross checks Nabby in the back of the leg. Nabokov then kicks Perry in the leg, and after the game Corey whines about the kick, but denies cross-checking Nabokov. It is that kind of disrespect for other players and his unwillingness to take responsibility for his actions that makes me dislike him so much. Check out the video below:



In this video, you can clearly see Perry cross-check Nabokov





Like many Sharks fans out there, I died a little inside when Perry led the NHL in goals and won the Hart Trophy as league MVP. Ugh, how gross. It's easy to just shrug off a pest when he makes no difference on the game. But when he does his dirtiness, then goes out the next shift and scores a goal, it makes you want to scream, and that is why Corey Perry gets the top spot as most hated player in San Jose.


Apparently his own teammates don't even like him. In this video, Getzlaf and Perry get into it at practice.




Public Enemy #2: Steve Ott


Another player that plays dirty, but hardly ever fights to stand up for himself, is Steve Ott. Ott is one of the whiniest player in the league and whines in all of his post-game interviews. If he put up the kind of numbers that Perry does, then he would surely take the cake as first on this list. But he is just a third line pest, and that's all he deserves to be. If Ott wanted to be an enforcer? Fine. If Ott wanted to be a scorer? Fine. But when he pulls all his crap and doesn't back it up with fists unless he has no other choice, that's is what makes me dislike him so.


I know I'm not the only one in San Jose who dislikes Ott with a passion. Dany Heatley would definitely agree with me that Ott can get under your skin. If you don't remember, last March in a game against the Stars, Heatley skated by Ott and elbowed him in the head. You can tell by the video that there is not much contact, yet Ott goes down like a sack of potatoes, then whines about it in an interview after the game. I'm sure Steve has done something like that to other players countless time before, but the first time it happens to him he goes crying to the media. Cry me a river.


Dany Heatley's headshot on Ott



Ott's dirty hit on Jordan Leopold.




Public Enemy #3: Mike Ribeiro


Surprise, surprise, another Star makes this list. Ribeiro is a player known for his playmaking ability. But he is also infamous for another less desirable trait: diving. Every body who watches Ribeiro knows that he can be one of the biggest floppers in the league. I'm talking more than all of the Vancouver Canucks combined (minus Maxime Flop-pierre). Ribeiro also falls into the same category as Perry; he scores points playing the kind of game that makes you sick. Let's just say, I would love it if he went and played out east again, like a Mr. Sean Avery did.


Wait, so is he dead?







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I love these types of blogs, because they poke all the wrong buttons Smile. That Ribeiro thing was embarrassing to me as a habs fan but looking back on it's fucking hilarious. If they can get away with this sort of stuff then it's the official's fault, not theirs. It does tend to make fans and other players a little paranoid though, and that's why there needs to be a crackdown.