Thankfully You're a Sharks Fan

As Sharks fans, we all have a lot to be thankful for. I mean, we could be Islanders or Blue Jackets fans, so already we're pretty happy. And Sharks fans are lucky to be treated to a quality on ice performance night after night, plus a management that is committed to winning and has shown it. As an organization, the Sharks themselves have much to be thankful for as well: 1. Captain Joe Thornton -  Personally, i wouldn't want anybody else captaining the Sharks. Thornton has shown that he wants nothing more than to win, and to win in San Jose. He is committed to this team, he is committed to winning, and he is committed to being the best player on the ice every night. The Sharks should definitely be thankful to have a captain like Jumbo Joe. 2. One of the Best Offenses in the League -  Line one: Couture-Thornton-Pavelski. Line two: Clowe-Marleau-Havlat. Or any combination of those six, at the discretion of the coach. When you can ice 3 of those 6 players on any given shift, you are one pretty lucky team. When you have these players out on a powerplay? Forget about it. Just look at the stats: Thornton: 5-15-20 Marleau: 9-10-10 Pavelski: 11-8-19 Couture: 7-8-15 Clowe: 4-10-14 3. Happy Surprises - Every year players who are under the radar step up and assume big time roles. Last year, his name was Logan Couture; this year, it's a young defender who is turning a few heads so far this season. First and foremost, it is impossible to overlook the play of M.E. Vlasic. For years, he has been a solid defensive player, but it would appear now that he is coming in to his own offensively. Helped by 7 points in 2 games, Vlasics stats of 2-9-11 lead all Sharks defensemen in scoring.  4. Committed Management - It is no secret that some teams in the NHL have management that leaves you scratching your head. Whether it's a team like the Islanders, who have been stocking up on high end draft picks forever but still can't score goals, or the Flames, who have a plethora of 30+ year olds with NMC and average play. Luckily, the Sharks don't have these problems, thanks to Doug Wilson and his crew. They have shown time and again that they will do whatever they feel necessary for this to win now, and I know fans are thankful for this. 5. Winning -  Nobody like losing, it just isn't human nature. So thankfully, the Sharks don't seem to do a lot of losing. Right now, San Jose sits at second place in the Western Conference, with 2 games in hand on the conference leading Minnesota Wild. Hopefully this will be the year that the Sharks do some winning in the postseason and bring home some hardware, because regular season winning is fine, but wins in the playoffs are twice as nice. Honorable Mentions - Awesome Third Jerseys Mascot that isn't a Duck No Purple on the Jerseys People actually show up to games, unlike in Dallas Not owned by the league *cough*Coyotes*cough*