Aphillyated Apparel Provides A Unique Spin On Philadelphia Sportswear

One of the things that make Philadelphia sports fans unique is their unquestioned dedication and loyalty to the local teams.

Whether still living in the area or transplanted to a new location, a Philadelphia sports fan wears their team colors on their back and most importantly in their blood stream.

While sports are a focal point for any Philadelphian, so too is the city’s vibrant culture.

With that in mind, Aphillyated Apparel looks to capture the spirit of both.

An elaborate and innovative clothing company based out of Philadelphia, Aphillyated tries to grab the true essence of the city in each and every piece of merchandise.

Via Aphillyated’s official website:

Our goal at Aphillyated® is to provide our customers with Philadelphia based clothing including t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies inspired by true urban culture. We combine Philadelphia’s greatest assets: its love, fashion, music and art into each piece of premium Philadelphia apparel.

Although many of their designs incorporate Philadelphia themes, the company also offers urban style apparel that appeals to people everywhere.

Founded in May 2010 by brothers Nicholas and Vincent Sannuti, Aphillyated Apparel has established itself as the destination for distinguished Philadelphia apparel. 

From the start, the goal was to incorporate passion for Philadelphia with apparel.

The clothing offers designs inspired by the area and is featured in all of their Philadelphia t-shirts and Philly tanks. 

Worn by Jimmy Rollins of the Philadelphia Phillies and Questlove of Philadelphia based band The Roots, Aphillyated puts a creative “Philly” touch on each and every T-shirt, hoodie, tank top, and snap-back hat that they sell.

If you are interested in learning more about the company, they can be reached at their official website, Facebook profile page, twitter page, pinterest profile and on Instagram.