Daily Joust Presents: TCL Trade Deadline Madness, This Monday!

Who will your team pick up? Will they be buyer or sellers? Will be we sitting here for hours wondering when all the trades are going to happen again? The NHL trade deadline is usually a source for a lot of joy for hockey fans, but also a source for a lot of frustration. Consider us both the life of the party, as well as your support group, and make sure to join us this Monday, starting at 9AM, as The Checking Line, in conjunction with our friends over at Daily Joust present Trade Deadline Madness!

Will the Montreal Canadiens finally become sellers? Will the Toronto Maple Leafs pick up a goalie? Will Rick Nash pull a Lebron? We'll be right with you for all the fun, from very early in the morning to whenever all the action winds down -- or around 4PM, that's when George Prax usually takes his nap.

So set your reminders below, join us Monday for all the action, and make sure to visit our friends at Daily Joust for all your fantasy hockey needs!




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