New TCL Hoodie and Sale at Grinder Threads!

Last fall, The Checking Line, in conjunction with our friends over at Grinder Threads, intruduced our first official t-shirt, available for sale through their store. The reception for the shirt was absolutely fantastic. In fact, the black version sold out within days. Fret not, Grinder has since restocked their shelves, but as an added bonus, they have gone to the trouble of actually adding a new product to their store, based on that very same TCL design.

Starting today, and available exclusively through the Grinder Threads store, you will be able to purchase your very own TCL hoodie to help you get through these cold tough months of winter!

We're very proud to be able to bring you this product, so much so that for the next week, through Sunday, January 22nd, we will be offering all of our readers a one-time only 15% discount as part of a great sale offer from Grinder. That discount will be applicable to ALL products in the Grinder Threads store. Just enter promo code "SALE" to make use of the offer.

On top of that, if you act now, every purchase made through the store will be entered in a drawing for a $20 Grinder Threads credit. You can even double your chances by liking Grinder Threads on facebook or mentioning @GrinderThreads on Twitter! (Head over to their official website for more details).

So, there you have it. A digital shelf stocked with TCL t-shirts, a brand new TCL hoodie, a wonderful array of products which include the fantastic Original Six shirt and the unmatched Flying Orr design, and a 15% discount to make your decision a little easier!

Again, just head over to Grinder Threads and enter the promo code "SALE" to take advantage of the offer, and make sure to flaunt your TCL gear the next time you're at a hockey game!