TCL And Grinder Threads Draft Week Sale: 30% Off Everything!

Heading to a draft or NHL free agency day party with nothing to wear? Fret not, The Checking Line and Grinder Threads have you covered as we enter summer!

In celebration of one of the most wonderful times of the year for hockey fans, we're offering our readers a 30% discount on everything in the Grinder Threads store! T-shirts, hoodies, you name it, you've got it at almost a third the cost. Those fancy TCL-branded t-shirts (in black AND fancy bright red) and sweaters we keep bragging about? They can be yours for next to nothing

Just click the link, browse the Grinder store for what you like, and when you're prompted, enter code "NHLDRAFT" for the discount and enjoy your high quality, super soft and comfortable shirts as impress all the ladies with your keen fashion sense this summer.

Once you've done that, join us right back here at TCL for the Grinder sponsored Draft and Free Agency events over the coming weeks!

But hurry, the sale won't last for long!