TCL & Grinder Threads Fall T-Shirt Sale!


Do you like hockey? Do you like wearing t-shirts? Then you're in luck! In conjuction with our friends over at Grinder Threads, the checking line is proud to be able to offer exclusively to our readers a 15% discount on ALL of GT's current line!

Just head over to the Grinder Threads website, enter the coupon code "Fall Sale" and enjoy 15% off their amazing line of products.

It may be getting cold outside, but who are we kidding? We're hockey fans! Show people your manliness and your sense of style with one (or, preferably, more) of the following hockey-themed designs.

Do you like beer? How about hockey? Fan of the Vegas sign? Then we've got the shirt for you. Celebrate all of your favorite things with this snazzy, ridiculously comfortable 50% cotton / 50% polyester blend silver t-shirt, perfect for, you guessed it, beer league hockey! [Link]


Whether you're an American or not, February 1980 was a special month in hockey history, with the United States' "mirable" victory over the Soviets at the Lake Placid Olympics. Celebrate the big win more than 30 years later with this dual-blend navy blue t-shirt. [link]

Celebrate some of the more meticulous shooters of the game with the "Sniper" t-shirt, a black tee with a 60/40 cotton-polyester blend, and frighten opposing goaltenders in your beer leagues by letting them know that you're more than capable of finding the back of the net (that is, when your Beer League shirt is in the wash [Link]


These are just a few of the amazing designs that you'll be able to find at Grinder Threads. Once again, just head over to their website, enter the code "Fall Sale", and enjoy 15% off the above shirts and more.

Make sure to stock up before the season starts, and make sure to share pictures of your Grinder shirts with us here, Twitter, and Facebook!