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Is Jokinen "Flamed Out"?

One question I've seen buzzin' a little lately is if our boy Jokinen can rebound to his 70+ point seasons. Actually, I feel like I've heard this topic for a few seasons now.

Let me start off by saying that I like Jokinen. He's one of the few players that has declared some serious passion for a team and loves where he is. Obviously, it's important to be happy where you're playing. With someone of his talent, I gladly welcome him and his love for the flaming C.

Some say that it's impossible for him to bounce back to his 70 or 80 point levels, like his days in Florida. I certainly don't think it's IMPOSSIBLE, but I will say it&...

Armchair GM Extraordinaire: Remaining Habs Moves

While I'm satisfied with the addition of Erik Cole (I'm not even going to talk about Budaj though. Don't ask me about it... DON'T), I feel like the Habs need to make a few extra moves in order to be truly competitive next year.

With the recent additions to the lineup, this is what the 2011-2012 Habs look so far:

Gionta - Gomez - Pacioretty
Cole - Plekanec - Cammalleri
Darche - Desharnais - Kostitsyn
Moen - Eller - White (RFA)

Markov - Emelin
Gill - Subban
Gorges(RFA) - Weber/Spacek

Predators Draft Review and The New Jersey


Predators had a fairly calm draft compared to other teams, while others were making huge trades to either better their team or to dump salary, the Predators remained the same. The Predators had 7 picks this year and as well unveiled their new jerseys and logo.

Their first pick of the draft was at number #38 which was given to them in the Arnott trade, and they selected the first goalie Magnus Hellberg. The odd part is that he was not rated as the top goalie prospect, but was in the top 5. He was taken as the Preds saw similarities between him and Lindback and Rinne, which bolds well for the team.

Next was their #52 pic...