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Better With Popcorn Book Review: "Playing With Fire"


At Better With Popcorn, we not only provide reviews for movies, TV shows and video games, but also books. BWP and TCL contributor Bryan Wright (check out his articles here at TCL and at BWP) recently wrote a review for "Playing with Fire", a book written by former NHLer Theo Fleury. Obviously, he and Graham James have been in and out of the news for a while, but how was the book itself? Read the review by Bryan Wright to find out and head over to Better With Popcorn for more!



I finally got around to reading one of the most notable hockey books to come out in a ...

The Montreal Canadiens Disaster of 2011-12

Earlier today, I asked twitter if it was too soon to compare this Habs season to the cruise ship tragedy in Italy. Consensus was that it was probably in poor taste. Obviously, not because it's too soon to give up on the Canadiens, but because of the tragedy itself.

Instead, we came up with a few other disasters that sum up what Montreal Canadiens fans are feeling right now, as their team sits in 12th place in the East, and only two points away from being the absolute worst team in the conference. You may be more used to seeing these types of things over at our sister-site, Better With Popcorn, but feel free to let us know which one you think best represents the 2011-12 se...

Better With Popcorn: Fall Sports Games Preview


It's that time of year again. The latest round of sports games is about to hit store shelves, mostly from publisher Electronic Arts, and Better With Popcorn will be on top of all of them. TCL and BWP contributor Russell Dornisch has your preview of all the upcoming titles, from Madden 12 to what will certainly be interesting to TCL readers, NHL 12.

Will you be spending money on the latest editions of all your favorite sports games? Have they changed enough from last year's games to warrant an investment? BWP will help you figure all of this out, with our look at what's coming out this fall.

Check out a preview of the article below for NHL 12, and ...