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The Sutter Legacy Continues

The New York Islanders used their final pick in the 2014 NHL entry draft to select the 4th Sutter to become a part of their organization, Red Deer Rebels center Lukas Sutter.

All-Time Islanders N to Z

Did you enjoy the first part of the All-Time Islanders. Well here is the second part, finishing the list, with letters 'N' through 'Z.'

In Sutter we Trust

Darryl Sutter could lead the LA Kings to the Cup this season.

So what do Calgary Flames fans think of it given that he dug the Flames into their current hole?

Well, Darryl was always a good was the GM thing that he sucked at.

Brent Sutter and Flames part ways

Brent Sutter and the Calgary Flames parted ways today after three years of time together.

Dave Lowry was also asked not to come back.

Who's next in line to take the head coaching position?

It's anyone's guess.

Brent Sutter: The Bell Tolls

Three seasons and no playoffs.
Is Brent Sutter's time up in Calgary?
I'm afraid so.


Words can't describe how painful that was to watch. From a 2-0 lead and a 21-4 shot advantage in the first 30 minutes, to a 3-2 SO loss to the 27th place Minnesota Wild is completely embarrassing. The whole Flames organization better take a deep look in the mirror and make some tough decisions.
Ring... Ring... Pick up Jay Feaster, the Fat Lady is calling, your team just shot themselves in the foot... again.

Flames lose third straight; Trade Deadline Looms

The Flames once again blew a big lead and lost in a shootout.

Now, they sit one point back of the 8th and final spot and need to wake the hell up if they pan on playing playoff hockey in April.

Will Jay Feaster make a move or will he stand pat? All is answered here.

Olli Olli Oxen Free

Olli Jokinen and the Calgary Flames have had an interesting past three years to say the least.

Trading for him.

Trading him away in a bizarre situation.

Re-signing him five months later.

It's been odd. But now, he is the Flames leading scorer and has a contract expiring. What do you do with him?

Let's be honest: The Calgary Flames Suck

Definition of Struggling: Strive to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance.

In a nutshell, this defines the Calgary Flames, period.

With six losses in their last eight games, the Flames are quickly falling out of the race for a playoff spot and rapidly increasing their chances of winning the draft lottery.

Now some might say, “Just look at last year and what the Flames managed to do after they fired Darryl. It can happen again.”

So what is it this time that’s going to spark this band of low scoring misfits to do a complete 180 and get the ship pointed in the right direction?

Is it time for Brent Sutter to me...