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Isles Face Sabres: It's Not Miller Time

Preview:  With 5.4 seconds left in the third period of Saturday’s contest against the Devils, Islanders fans rejoiced seeing Frans Neilsen win a defensive zone faceoff with a 1 goal lead.

With 2.1 seconds left, they gasped with horror as the puck somehow squeaked by Al Montoya with Islander-killer Zach Parise on the doorstep.

For about 2 minutes, the Islanders and their fans wondered “how the hell did we let this happen again?  What do we have to do to close a game out around here?”

Then, when all hope was lost, an act of mercy prevailed.  From the heavens on high (also known as the NHL offices in Toronto), the referees decreed the messag...

Islanders Skate To First Road Win!

The Prudential Center was as loud as it had been the entire night. The New Jersey Devils just tied the game at 3 with 2 seconds remaining in regulation.

Or did they?


After a league review in Toronto, it was determined that Zach Parise’s skate directed the puck into the net and the goal was overturned.


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Lucic's Hit On Miller

It seems like its time to talk about this hit, finally.  I have given it time to digest and really give it some solid viewing time, as well as waiting for league rulings to come through.  There isn't any part of this hit that fans of either team should be happy about.  While this may seem like a bold statement, let me just remind fans that the whole idea behind policing hits to the head is to prevent injury and specifically concussions.  

There are two things we know for sure, this was a dirty hit and Ryan Miller did suffer a concussion as a result of it.  Ryan Miller is a goalie, a goalie was given a dirty hit to the head that could have been avoided, a...

Sabres Snatch Success in Shootout

A tale of two games in one. One in which the Habs dominated and the other where the team sat back and allowed the Sabres not only back in the game but lead to the eventual loss in a shootout.

In the first two periods the Habs dominated the Sabres and the player of the game was none other than Erik Cole. He played a whale of a game in regulation, finishing checks, going to the net and scoring a rare power play goal. The Sabres had no answer to the line of Cole, Pacioretty and Desharnais in regularion. They were buzzing the net and creating chances. Spacek also played a heck of a game until he got injured in the middle of the game. Engqvist also played decently until he got injured by...

Stafford and Roy might be the Key to Big Numbers in the Win Column


Once upon a time there was a team in the NHL that teams couldn’t quite figure out how to defend against.  There was no hope in line matching because their fourth line was putting up just as many points as their second, and it made for some fantastic hockey.  This team was the Buffalo Sabres the first two years after the lock out.  For the first time since Buffalo lost a good amount of that team, the Sabres have a chance to have four lines that can play against any team in the league.

Sure, the Sabres have had success since those years, but after two playoff runs that were one and done, the team is on the cusp of something great.  Captain Jason ...

Miller Feeling the Pressure of a Rocky Start

Its hard to see Ryan Miller as anything other than one of the leagues top goalies.  He has been the rock in Buffalo since the lock out, and has outplayed entire offensive units time and time again to keep a shaking hockey club in games.  This season however seems to be getting the better of the silver medalist, and it only seems to be getting worse.

Last night against the Philadelphia Flyers, Miller let in three goals within the first six and a half minutes.  Not only is this unheard of for Miller, but he has never been one of the teams weak links, especially at home.  It seems this season’s expectations might be too much pressure for the 31 year old. ...

Hot Start Propels Flyers Past Sabres

For a national broadcast on Versus, the Philadelphia Flyers (7-4-1) traveled to Buffalo to take on the Sabres (6-5-0) Wednesday.

Unbeknownst to the viewers, they’d only have to watch the first 6:23 to find out the outcome.

Lightning Strikes the Sabres Twice


For the days leading up to the Sabres second home game one thing was discussed more then anything else, strike first blood.  After being shut out in their first meeting it was important for the Sabres to get on the board early and get things moving for them offensively.  They did just that scoring two goals within the first five minutes of the game, unfortunately this was about the only offense the Sabres generated the entire game.

Thomas Vanek put in his seventh goal of the year just two minutes into the game.  This was accompanied by a beautiful backhanded goal by Brad Boyes only thirty seconds later.  It seemed like the Sabres had accomplished wha...

Miller Redeems himself against Habs


When the Sabres lost their home opener in Buffalo, there were a lot of factors that played into their loss.  One that most Sabres fans are reluctant to turn to most of the time is Ryan Miller.  While Miller is one of the premier goalies in the league, every player is prone to their “off” nights.  It was surprising to see Miller a little off of his game because he is usually so sharp after a break.  But nonetheless, he did let in a few soft goals opening night, disappointing many fans.

Tuesday night it was never more apparent that Miller was ready for action and to make up for his play in the home opener.  Miller faced 40 shots on the...

Sabres Special Teams weren’t so Special in Home Opener

It was the biggest opening night in Buffalo in over twenty years, a night that everyone would remember.  Not only have many state of the art renovations been made to the new “First Niagara Center,” but the new owners made it a wonderful event for every fan who walked through the doors.  Everything from give-aways, to a long opening ceremony that named each member of the Sabres team and staff, it was a high energy ceremony that really made you excited for the next sixty minutes of hockey.

There has been a stigma in Buffalo about the Carolina Hurricanes since the conference finals in the 2006 playoffs.  While the Sabres have of course beaten them since the E...