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BWP Book Review: "Moneyball" By Michael Lewis

Here at The Checking Line we obviously cover hockey. But most of us are fans of many sports. While you won't see many baseball posts from our writers, we do appreciate the business and science of America's favorite passtime. After reading "Moneyball" by Michael Lewis (later to be adapted into a movie of the same name), that appreciation has certainly grown. 

Here is a review of that book by TCL and BWP contributor Bryan Wright. Make sure to read Bryan's original review over at Better With Popcorn.



The book is always better than the movie, always. There aren't any exceptions. Well, Delivera...

Better With Popcorn Book Review: "Playing With Fire"


At Better With Popcorn, we not only provide reviews for movies, TV shows and video games, but also books. BWP and TCL contributor Bryan Wright (check out his articles here at TCL and at BWP) recently wrote a review for "Playing with Fire", a book written by former NHLer Theo Fleury. Obviously, he and Graham James have been in and out of the news for a while, but how was the book itself? Read the review by Bryan Wright to find out and head over to Better With Popcorn for more!



I finally got around to reading one of the most notable hockey books to come out in a ...

Watch The Red Band Trailer For "Goon"

You don't have to venture too far down the blog archive here at The Checking Line to figure out that fighting is perennially a hot topic, not only among our writers and readers, but the hockey community as a whole.

For better or for worse, and no matter how many of us end up wanting it out of the game, fighting is a part of hockey, and it definitely ends up being one of the bigger talking points and selling points for the sport. Not a week, nay, a day goes by without a fight video of note. People love that stuff.

Hockey's marriage with fighting goes back a long time, but it may have peaked in the late 70s, thanks, in part, to the legendary movie "Slap Shot&...