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Mock Draft 2012: Picks 21-30

The NHL season has come to an end but the fun is about to begin. Friday is the 50th anniversary of the NHL Entry Draft as it takes place in Pittsburgh. With Mock Draft’s and trade rumors flooding the internet, everyone wants to know who is going where and who is picking who. Today post features picks 21-30.

Hartley and Feaster Together Again

After a second interview and a thanks but no thanks to the Montreal Canadiens, the Flames officially announced the hiring of Bob Hartley as their new head coach and 15th head coach in Franchise history.

TCL Predicts The Stanley Cup Final


2012 Stanley Cup FinalNew Jersey Devils vs. Los Angeles Kings  Every year, we predict, we project, we try to come up with logical conclusions to what's going to happen in the latest NHL season. Everyone has their opinions, everyone comes up with their own regular season and playoff winners, their own Final, their own Stanley Cup Champions. Usually, those predictions end up being wrong. Sure, you might get lucky with a high seed, but if the playoffs prove anything year-in and year-out, it's that the National Hockey League is absolutely unpredictable. This season has ramped that up to a degree we've never seen before. To give you a brief summary, the fir...

'In __________ We Trust'

On the eve of the Stanley Cup Finals where Flames fans will watch former General Manager and Coach Darryl Sutter compete for a Stanley Cup, many remember the days when the motto around Calgary was ‘In Sutter We Trust’. With the the Flames organization stuck in mediocrity, Jay Feaster will make his choice of who will be the next head coach behind the Flames bench and who fans can say they trust. Here are three possible candidates.

All things Flames. Cervenka, Jokinen, Kipper, Coach, Draft

Coming off of garbage bag day there seemed to be an air of pent up frustration with the Flames management and the team in general. It is easy to forget that the Flames had played their way into a legit shot at the post season, winning five games in a row. After seeing that kind of streak it was bitterly disappointing to watch them fail miserably in a week where they faced the worst team in the league, the second worst team in the league and the second worst team in the division. The losses were the nail in the coffin that meant the Flames would yet again miss the Playoffs. I remind us of this because it is easy to forget our frustration, the reason why fans were calling for massive changes.

The changes were supposed to be dramatic, Iginla and Kiprusoff were mentioned in every trade rumour and fantasy scenario a fan could think of. Iginla for Staal, Kipper for Columbus 1st round pick, on and on. We wondered what massive changes would take place because obviously the Flames are just banging their head against the wall with Kipper and Iginla right? No one is mad at those players but it seemed a change was necessary to move forward.

Flames add skill; Sign Roman Cervenka

The Flames signed Roman Cervenka adding a little more skill to the forward ranks.

What does this mean to the pending UFA's going forward?

And was this a good signing?

In Sutter we Trust

Darryl Sutter could lead the LA Kings to the Cup this season.

So what do Calgary Flames fans think of it given that he dug the Flames into their current hole?

Well, Darryl was always a good was the GM thing that he sucked at.

Brent Sutter and Flames part ways

Brent Sutter and the Calgary Flames parted ways today after three years of time together.

Dave Lowry was also asked not to come back.

Who's next in line to take the head coaching position?

It's anyone's guess.

What is Kiprusoff worth? Where would he Go?

Where will Miikka Kiprusoff be playing hockey next season?

What's he worth? And are the Flames better off to trade him away now while his value is possibly at its peak.

Saneopinion takes a look at Kiprusoff's worth and possible destinations as well as reasons why teams may not want him.