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Chicago Blackhawks - Home sick or sick at home


Home is where the heart is or at least the Blackhawks were hoping home is where another win is. Tonight the Hawks took on another Pacific division rival in the Phoenix Coyotes. They were hoping to continue their recent circus road trip successes against the Anaheim Ducks and the LA Kings.

The Blackhawks needed to keep the winning habit going especially against all of their Western Conference foes. Points are becoming critical. They are currently only 2 points ahead of Detroit which the Red Wings having two games in hand on the Blackhawks. In fact they are only 4 points ahead of these Coyotes in the Western conference again with the Yotes having 2 games in hand on the Bl...

Hawks Thoughts - Toews Keeps Proving His Worth

Captain Serious, a.k.a. Jonathan Toews, gets paid the big bucks for many reasons. He scores goals, he sets up plays, he digs out the puck in corners in order to set up said plays and he shuts down some of the most lethal opposing offensive threats in the NHL.

Of course, you already knew that.

Good players in the NHL can provide offense for their teams throughout the season on a consistent basis. Great players can do the same thing, while scoring the big goal when their team really needs it to steal the win from their opponents grasp just before the buzzer.

And then there is Jonathan Toews. Somewhow, Captain Serious is able to do all of those things and more. A lot of pla...

Islanders Skate To First Road Win!

The Prudential Center was as loud as it had been the entire night. The New Jersey Devils just tied the game at 3 with 2 seconds remaining in regulation.

Or did they?


After a league review in Toronto, it was determined that Zach Parise’s skate directed the puck into the net and the goal was overturned.


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Hawks Thoughts - Hawks Soar Over 'Nucks

Last night's 5-1 Blackhawks' victory over rival Vancouver was the perfect example of how a successful powerplay can seriously steal the momentum for your team. 

The Blackhawks did a great job of exposing the Canucks lack of offensive depth last night at Rogers Arena. Despite the addition of David Booth, trading away both Mikael Samuelsson and Marco Sturm, along with the continued absence of Mason Raymond, significantly leaves Vancouver with limited offensive options. It also remains to be seen whether Ryan Kesler is really 100% after his intense surgery for a torn labrum in the offseason.

Granted, the Sedin Twins are still the NHL's best one-two punch when it ...

The State of Canuck Nation After Lopsided Chicago Loss

It doesn’t take any great hockey mind to look at the Canucks’ 5-1 defeat at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks to understand that something is really wrong with this team right now.  The Canucks are playing some of the most inconsistent hockey that we’ve seen in Alain Vigneault’s tenure in Vancouver. 

The Canucks came into the Chicago game riding a streak that had seen them put up 3 wins in their last 4 games.  While those numbers aren’t spectacular, it is worth noting that the style of play was significantly more “Canuck like” than the play we saw in October.  Finally, it looked as though the team was going to be able t...

November Notes

We are in mid-November, and it is time for my look at the Canucks this month thus far. The 'Nucks have played 7 games up till now (1 home, 6 road), and have managed to get 8 of 14 points. Brian Raiger takes a look at what the Canucks have done correctly and what they need to do for their remaining 6 games of the month and season ahead.


The key to any game is to have a successful first 20 minutes, come out hard hitting, get the puck deep, draw a penalty, and convert. This is what happened for the Canucks, scoring 3 goals in the first 20 minutes (2 of them with the extra man, and one of these PP goals coming with 19 seconds left in th...

Looking at the schedule ahead for the Blackhawks

There are certain games you get up for in the course of the season, and few tend to generate as much excitement within a fanbase as the first meeting of the year between bitter rivals. It's a date circled early on the calendar and loaded with anticipation.

The players get up for it, too, and they feed the media all the right quotes and give the fans the little wink-wink-nudge-nudge, and then .... they go out there and lay a big, fat egg - which is exactly what Chicago did last night against the Vancouver Canucks.

We've discussed the Blackhawks/Canucks rivalry and how last season ended often enough by now. The Blackhawks rol...

Hawks Thoughts - Hawks Special Teams Remain Rather Ordinary

When your team only manages 2 goals from its bottom six forwards against a conference rival with the second best power play in the NHL, you're generally not giving yourself a good chance to win.

The Blackhawks did just that (and then some) in "aiding" the Vancouver Canucks to a dominating 6-2 win over Chicago Sunday night at the United Center. Yuck.

Everyone knows that Vancouver has a lethal powerplay and we don't need to go into details as to why that is. Twins. Swedish Twins.

The Sedins aren't the only reason the Canucks have a fabulous powerplay, but the point is that an opposing team, such as our lovely Blackhawks, can't allow Vancouver six ...

Canucks vs. Blackhawks: Game Preview + Random Thought

It was last year that the Canucks took on the Blackhawks, got blown out and then turned the season around.  I suppose that fans are hoping for something similar to come out of tonight’s tilt.

It is the first game of the season for the bitter rivals and it is shaping up to be a good one.  Here are my pre-game notes.

- The Blackhawks have been playing some really good hockey lately.  With an 8-2-3 record that is good enough for second in the conference, you can bet that the Canucks are going to be in for a challenging night.

- The Hawks are winning despite Jonathan Toews being really quiet this season.  Many were calling for him to take the next s...

The Blackhawks' early view atop the Western conference

The week ahead for the Chicago Blackhawks is going to be a trial-by-fire before they hit the road for their annual "Circus Trip", the two-week road trip that marks every November. It kicks off with the first of two season games against the Florida Panthers (the second will be on United Center ice in late January), followed by a game at Tampa Bay, then it's back home for the first matchup of the season against the Vancouver Canucks.

In light of the trade moves made by Chicago and the free agency signings by Florida this summer, Thurday's Blackhawks-Panthers matchup in Sunrise is a game that many fans on both sides of the ice ...