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The Annual Danglers Winter Classic

At this very moment, the ice of the outdoor rink is glimmering in the sunlight in anticipation of its annual Winter Classic that will take place this evening. Gary Bettman and the National Hockey League may have canceled the NHL Winter Classic that was to be played between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings, but that's not stopping a talented group of hockey players from getting together for the annual Danglers Winter Classic.

The Danglers are a men's league hockey team that I started years ago in order to keep my friends and I together on the ice. High school was over, and many of us were going away to college or starting to work full-time. Every summer, the Danglers were put together through the Midnight Hockey League on Long Island and have continued to go strong for five years.

Preseason Top 16: #13 Ohio State

Last Season

The Buckeyes burst out of the gates, going 14-4-1 in 2011 but just 1-11-4 the rest of the way (you read that correctly). Their season culminated with a first round CCHA playoff loss to Notre Dame

It was the best of times….

These next two sections should be fairly easy. The Buckeyes had a 11 game unbeaten streak from October 21 to December 3rd, tying in only one of those games.

It was the worst of times…

Pretty much the entire second half of the season was a disaster for Ohio State, suffering through a 11 game winless streak. Other than a February 11 win over Western Michigan...

Preseason Top 16: #14 Miami


Last Season

Miami was once again one of the preseason favorites to make the Frozen Four, but finished 4th in the CCHA (though they did allow fewer goals than any other team in the conference). Miami made the CCHA tournament semifinals, but lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament to UMass-Lowell.

It was the best of times….

When Miami finished the regular season with a six game winning streak. The last four of those were wins over Ohio State and Michigan State that helped the Redhawks to their fourth place finish in the league. The winning streak stretched to 8 with two wins over Michigan State in...

St. Lawrence Has An Awesome New Locker Room

(pic via College Hockey Inc)


We'll return to the Preseason top 16 starting next week, but for now we have some more aesthetically pleasing news. St. Lawrence plays in Appleton Arena, which is one of the most classic arenas in all of college hockey. It is also one of the oldest out there, opening in 1951. It went through renovations in the 70s, 80s, 90s and now the Saints hockey team will have a brand new locker room to call home starting in 2012, and boy is it sweet.

The Saints finished 8th in ECAC Hockey last year, and with most of their best players being underclassmen they can possibly get back ...