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Avalanche Start Hot, Looking to Bring it Back Home

Avs Set a Franchise Record

The Colorado Avalanche are finally back from a long road trip for a showdown with the Hawks at Pepsi Center tonight.  The Avs faired decent on a tough early season road trip, getting 5 out of 10 points, a successful road trip in most peoples eyes....

Wait!  You say the Avs went undefeated on the road trip?  They took 10 out 10 points in the five games?  They are in first place in the West?

Yes, all those things are true right now for the Avs.  Everyone in Denver said they needed at least 5 points to say th...

Another game, another loss

The scene was set on this Hockey fights Cancer night.

The French broadcast crew brought in a couple of special guests to help with calling the game. M Cederick in the first period did very well, and even got to yell out et le cool is that? Carey Price was wearing his pink mask and pink accented pads which will be auctioned off to raise money to fight breast cancer.  

The latest lines coming from the Jacques Martin blender found the lines of Eller with Plekanec and Cole, Gionta, Gomez, and Moen, Pacioretty, Desharnais and Kostitsyn, as well as Darche with Enqvist and Palushi. These lines seemed to work well together even though the result was yet ano...

Western Conference Predictions

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Before the season begins, i thought I'd take a stab at predicting where each team will fall in the 2011-12 season. So, without further ado:


Vancouver Canucks – They might have a slow start coming out of the gate, as two of their top six players in Kesler and Raymond are out to start the season, but this is still a darn good hockey team. The Canucks will be icing basically the same roster as they did last season, minus Christian Ehrhoff, and I do not see any reason why they won&#...

It's that time of the year!

Hockey is in the Air! Well it has been a good break for me this summer and I look forward to the season ahead and being able to write here about one of my biggest passions.  Oh how I have missed Avalanche hockey. It was especially hard, considering how many playoffs the Avs had made in recent years, to have no team to truly watch during the playoffs.  It makes for a longer off season.  The only consolation was that the Avs were able to pick number two in the draft.  Colorado now goes into training camp with quite a lot of buzz surrounding the team, and if the attendance at day one and two at training camp is any indication, then we could see quite the crowds at ...

Avs Off Season Thus Far

Avs Off Season Grade and What to Expect

Well the Avs are pretty much done with players acquired for the off season, and now we can look forward to camps opening up soon.  So far, I was a little hesitant on the deals made thus far, but know after letting them stew a bit I am actually excited.  I mean this was a team that around Christmas was leading the league in goal scoring, and if it hadn't been for the terrible goaltending and injuries, this team was actually a playoff team in my eyes.  Now I look at the new roster and the additions we made and I feel we are an even better team.  The biggest ...

GM's Job Done, Players and Coaches Must Produce

By Scott Lowe

Someone, not sure who, wrote in this space yesterday that the Washington Capitals would most likely sit back and let the Free Agent Frenzy play out, waiting for the day’s losers to approach them with ridiculous trade offers they couldn’t refuse. Okay, maybe that scenario didn’t quite pan out.

Instead, while the Caps’ venture into the free agent wilderness could not be considered as much of a frenzied approach as some teams (ahem, Buffalo and Florida), Washington turned out to be one of the more active teams. And by all accounts, General Manager George McPhee did a great job filling holes and continuing to mold his club into a tougher and m...

Avs Trade for Varlamov: Over Payment?

Avs Gamble Big!

After it looked like it was all but sure the Avs would get Vokoun, the team shocks the hockey nation and trades and first and a second/third next year for the rights to negotiate Semyon Varlamov.  This move has to scream the rebuild is over because otherwise that first rounder could be a lottery pick in a deep draft next year.  

The biggest question it has raised is what will happen to Vokoun now, where really no team is looking for a starter still.  My bet is it is off to Europe for Tomas.  I like Varly and the acquisition, however the amount the Avs gave up for a guy who alre...

Vokoun all but assured

Vokoun All But Assured to be in an Avs Uni Next Year

Yesterday, the Avs put in Qualifiying offers on players, and also let some go.  It was already stated Peter Budaj would not be resigned, however the Avs also did not qualify RFA Brian Elliott.  This means that as of right now the Avs have absolutely no goaltenders on their roster.  To add to that, the Avs also have around $20 mill they have to spend just to get to the cap floor.  This means that Avs will be forced to be big spenders come Friday.  This all but assures the Avs will put a serious offer on Tomas Vokoun, who is ranked as the number one FA goalie available. &n...

Great draft for Avs include two top prospects and some potential sleepers

Avs draft big!

The Colorado Avalanche had an injury filled season that ended with them finishing with the second worst record in the NHL.  However, the light at the end of the tunnel occurred at the draft where the Avs had two top 15 picks as well as the number 2 pick.  Giving the Avs two top 5 picks in the last three years as well as a few other good draft picks.  You have to say the rebuild is going quick and we could see the Avs climb back to the top with their recent player additions.  This years draft will be looked back on as a huge part of a turn around if it happens soon.  

With the number 2 pick the Avs sele...

Stastny's days over? Could be tomorrow! Rumors

Well with all the huge trades that have happened today, the Avs haven't stayed out of the game. I am hearing rumors left and right that Stastny is in play to several teams. The two biggest that are constantly being stated are Toronto and now Los Angeles. After the Richards deal, L.A. could try and land Stastny for Bernier and some add ons. Right now the Avs number one priority is a goalie, so there definitely could be a move done. The other big item in play for the Avs is the number 11 pick. The Avs don't have a huge need for the number 11 pick and it may be traded to either L.A. or even Vancouver for Schneider. It will be extremely interesting the next 24 hours for the league especia...