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Lessons Learned?

Lessons Learned?

With all due respect to the New York Islanders tremendous play in round one of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Pittsburgh Penguins were terrible.

They refused to alter their stretch passing breakout plan after the Islanders set up a 1-3-1 trapping system. They refused to battle for long stretches of time in order to stifle the quick transition game of the Islanders. The Penguins almost refused to change everything except for the goaltender and while this worked out to their advantage, it is not going to work this time around.

The Ottawa Senators, the Penguins next opponent in round two of the playoffs, are a completely animal than that of the Islanders. Th...

A Message from Eugene

The first thing I thought when I read the email title, "A Message from Eugene Melnyk," was SPAM.

It turns out it actually was a message from Melnyk.

No, not a private message - we are not on those terms - but a message from Melnyk out to all Ottawa Senators fans highlighting the 20th year of the Senators' existence.

The timing could not be better for it as the awards nominations are announced and several Senators have found their names mentioned.

Paul Maclean is up for coach of the year (no brainer), Daniel Alfredsson is up for perseverence, and Erik Karlsson is up for best defenseman of the league. Mind-boggling year for the Senators.