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Bryz Boos

Monday, tweets were sent fast and furiously arguing between fans and fans, fans and writers, writers and bloggers, etc.

Booing has always been a hot topic in Philadelphia, this is nothing new. There’s a line that is much thinner in the arenas down on Broad Street than other cities.

As with most things involved in loyal fan dedication, the boos are subjective. There’s nothing to suggest that a player actually deserves to be booed. In the same breath, it should be acknowledged that there’s nothing to suggest they shouldn’t.

The performance of Bryzgalov this year has been stunningly bad, and some fans are fed up. It makes sense and the loud booooooooooooos sound like they’re warranted.

Habs and Bruins Fans Mix It Up At The Bell Centre

When the Boston Bruins are in town, you can bet that things are bound to get a little... eventful. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a game between the two teams that doesn't feature some sort of controversial incident. We don't need to remind you about what happened last March between these two teams, or their countless playoff series against each other.

So, last night, with the Bruins at the Bell Centre, and a hotly contested 1-0 game at stake, something felt like it was in the air, as if things were about to go down.

The only problem is that what happened next wasn't on the ice, as you'd expect, but in the stands. The following video, courtesy of (w...