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Should the Red Wings Pursue Knuble?

In what will end up being a mediocre off-season in the eyes of Detroit Red Wings fans everywhere, the organization has done very little and seems to be all out of ideas. But does it make sense to go after yet another forward?

How to develop consistency with the lines

Any one who has ever played pick-up hockey understands the process of dividing the sticks.

For those of you unaware of the practice, it is a simple way for a group of people to decide teams without having to go through the process of selecting players.

Each person places their stick into a pile at the center of the rink and one person closes their eyes and tosses the sticks into two separate piles with the result being two randomly selected teams.

While the practice works wonders for amateur players, it’s most likely universally believed that the same practice should not be instituted in the professional ranks.

However, after taking a look at the line combinations for the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday night, it’s hard not to wonder how they came to be.

While head coach Peter Laviolette probably didn’t select his lines by picking the player’s sticks out of a pile in the morning skate, one wouldn’t have been surprised if that was the case.

Another move now seems a question of when, not if

For the large majority of the season, much of the focus for the Philadelphia Flyers has fallen on the team’s vaunted defensive unit. With injuries to Chris Pronger and a platoon of capable, yet not-so-ready rookie call-ups, the mantra of this season was plain-and-simple:

Get a defenseman and get him now.

The organization may not have responded as quickly as some would have liked but they answered the call none-the-less by bringing in not one, but two NHL battle tested defensemen and in the process added a collective total of around 500 lbs to their backend.

With only four days remaining before the February 27 trade deadline, the focus now shifts to the front end.

Defenseman may not be only position on Flyers wish list

Several writers have started to say that the Philadelphia Flyers need to rethink their plans to add a defenseman at the trade deadline.

Some believe that even with that kind of addition it still wouldn’t be enough to help the Flyers compete with the top teams in the league. Especially the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers.

They’re absolutely right.

Even if the team does bring in a serviceable defender to sure up their shaky d-corps, the team still may not be good enough to contend.

That’s exactly why the team may be looking to strengthen the forward group as well.

Off-Season Rankings: The Top Six Forwards

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