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Bryz Boos

Monday, tweets were sent fast and furiously arguing between fans and fans, fans and writers, writers and bloggers, etc.

Booing has always been a hot topic in Philadelphia, this is nothing new. There’s a line that is much thinner in the arenas down on Broad Street than other cities.

As with most things involved in loyal fan dedication, the boos are subjective. There’s nothing to suggest that a player actually deserves to be booed. In the same breath, it should be acknowledged that there’s nothing to suggest they shouldn’t.

The performance of Bryzgalov this year has been stunningly bad, and some fans are fed up. It makes sense and the loud booooooooooooos sound like they’re warranted.

All Eyes On The New Guy

After a season full of some defensive woes and a couple of weeks’ worth of trade discussions, the Philadelphia Flyers (32-18-7) made a move to improve on the blue line and acquired defenseman Nicklas Grossman from the Dallas Stars.

Grossman will make his Flyers debut on Saturday afternoon when the team faces off against the Pittsburgh Penguins (32-20-5) for the third time this season.

Based on Friday’s practice, Grossman will probably be paired with Andrej Meszaros on defense.

All eyes will be on him and on the Flyers’ defensive core as a whole, as their struggles have been greatly publicized so far this season.

Giroux, Talbot and Simmonds power train on Buffalo in 7-2 Win

Following the first twenty minutes of play, it appeared as though the status quo had once again reared its head in Philadelphia.

With the Flyers trailing the Buffalo Sabres 2-0, it was the same story just a different night.

Sloppy, unenthused play haunted the Flyers throughout the first as the Sabres took advantage of poor coverage in front of the Philadelphia goal and absent-minded play from Ilya Bryzgalov.

As the team left the ice showered by boos, no one ever could have imagined that the team was going to score seven unanswered goals in the final forty minutes of play.

Trade Deadline Looms As Flyers Host Sabres

After a four day lay-off, the Philadelphia Flyers will look to snap a two game losing streak at home tonight when they battle the Buffalo Sabres.

The Flyers have been on a downward slide since the start of the new year and have not played a complete team game since before the holiday season.

Trade Deadline: Even A Defenseman Can't Save These Flyers

The Flyers are considered to be buyers in the coming weeks as the trade deadline rolls near.

Players like Nashville’s Ryan Suter and Shea Weber as well as Toronto’s Luke Schenn have been mentioned in numerous possible trade situations and rumors. But in the end, will it all matter for the Flyers?

Before this turns into a column writing off the Flyers, take a step back and look at the situation the team is in. They are currently eight points behind the Rangers for the Atlantic Division lead while resting with the fourth seed.

But on the other side of the Flyers, they are only eight points ahead of the ninth place Capitals. The Flyers could very easily be in the bottom half of the playoff tree when April rolls around and their possible match ups could spell doom.

Flyers recall Jason Bacashihua from Phantoms

It was apparent during morning skate that Ilya Bryzgalov was absent from practice.

Afterwards it was announced that he had come down with the flu and was going to be out of commisshion for tonight's game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Hopefully, this isn't the same kind of flu that turned out to be a concussion for Chris Pronger but in the meantime, we'll give the team the benefit of the doubt.

In the mean time, Jason Bacashihua will take his place on the roster.

Flyers fall in goaltender duel

It was something fans of the Philadelphia Flyers hadn’t seen all season.

Following the team’s 1-0 shootout loss to the New York Islanders, the team dropped their third consecutive game for the first time all year.

However, that wasn’t the only first of the night.

Considering how inconsistent Philadelphia’s goaltending has been this season, instances where the team’s net minder has stood on his head have been few and far between.

On Tuesday night, that wasn’t the case.

Prior to the two-round shootout that saw both Frans Nielson and John Tavares ice the game for the Islanders, the 65-minutes that led up to the glorified skills competition was an unabashed goaltender duel.

Flyers Look For Better Start and Finish Tonight Against The Isles

The Philadelphia Flyers (30-16-6) flubbed their shot at closing the gap in the Atlantic Division when they lost both afternoon matchups this weekend to the New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers .

The Flyers were out-scored 11-6 in those games and surrendered goals at both the beginning and the end of periods.

They will look to turn things around tonight when they face the New York Islanders.

Bryzgalov takes two steps forward...

One giant step back.

Following Sunday afternoon’s frustrating 5-2 loss at the hands of the New York Rangers, it can be said that Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov took one giant step back.

The loss officially sealed the season series for the Rangers with two games still remaining.

It also allowed the team to increase their lead in the Atlantic division standings by five points with two games in hand.

However, the most disappointing dynamic of the loss is the fact that Bryzgalov played fairly well for a large majority of the game.

Unfortunately, it was the few instances where he didn’t play his best that loomed largest.

Flyers Need To Carry Momentum Over Into Big Weekend

A lot could change for the Flyers this weekend.

They’ll face the New Jersey Devils on Saturday and the New York Rangers on Sunday, and both games may have a major impact on the team in the standings.

If Philadelphia pulls off a weekend sweep of both of their division rivals, they could end up sitting atop the Eastern Conference by Sunday evening.

They haven’t been in that position since December 22.