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Isles Cool Off Flames

The New York Islanders’ two games earlier this week against the New York Rangers showed how important a great goaltender is.

The Islanders found out tonight what it’s like to have one in their goal.

Evgeni Nabokov, after giving up a goal on the 1st shot he faced, stopped the next 29 as the Islanders got a much needed win 3-1 over the Calgary Flames.

Atlantic Division Holiday Wishes: Pittsburgh Penguins

(Photo credit - Zimbio.com)

In this 5 part series, Brian Bock informs you about the Holiday Wishes of the teams in the Atlantic Division. Next team up, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Flames Escape Hurricane of a Finish


By  Newman

Well that was different...

Scoring seven or more goals for the first time since Valentines Day last year when they beat the Avalanche 9-1, the Calgary Flames squeaked by the just as desperate Carolina Hurricanes 7-6 on Tuesday night in Calgary.

The offence came alive scoring two in the first, two in the second, and adding on three in third, including Jarome Iginla’s empty net goal which proved to be the eventual winner.

The line of Iginla, Jokinen, and Brendan Morrison combined for 10 points on the night and were the driving force behind a much needed win – regardless of how u...

A New Low: Flames Lose to Jackets


By Derrick Newman


It isn’t hard enough being a Calgary Flames fan right now and they go and pull a stunt like this...

Up 3-1 with less than five minutes left against the WORST team in the NHL and the Flames somehow find a way to lose.

Is this 1999 all over again? Where are the young guns? Is Todd Simpson the captain? Where’s Sasha Lakovic when you need him?

This has gone from embarrassing to downright laughable.

The Flames, who claim to be a veteran laden professional hockey team, continue to exhibit traits of an inexperienced pre-pubescent novice division-five team that can’t form a functional power play and can&r...

Top Three Detroit Trade Rumours

It's getting to that point during the season where you can tell if a team is for real or not.

For the Detroit Red Wings, they are currently looking like a team that will be in the playoff picture, but the question is whether or not they will make some noise or not, both in the big dance and on the trade market.

For a team overview, Detroit has clearly said they are looking for a championship because that is what Nicklas Lidstrom was promised when he re-signed with the Wings in the offseason, so a big move is not out of the question.

Unlike many Detroit fans, I think they do not need a defenceman. Names like Shea Weber and Ryan Suter have been thrown around, but what ...

Let's be honest: The Calgary Flames Suck

Definition of Struggling: Strive to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance.

In a nutshell, this defines the Calgary Flames, period.

With six losses in their last eight games, the Flames are quickly falling out of the race for a playoff spot and rapidly increasing their chances of winning the draft lottery.

Now some might say, “Just look at last year and what the Flames managed to do after they fired Darryl. It can happen again.”

So what is it this time that’s going to spark this band of low scoring misfits to do a complete 180 and get the ship pointed in the right direction?

Is it time for Brent Sutter to me...

Flames Don't Look Good


Watching the Flames home opener last night, you couldn’t helped be filled with a little bit of optimism heading into a brand new season where anything is possible and dreams of a playoff berth seem realistic.

After one period, everything looked great. The Flames were up 1-0 on the Penguins, despite being outshot 9-4.

Then it all went downhill – fast.

Four goals in the span of just over 11 minutes and the Flames were left wondering which way is up.

When you produce only nine shots through two periods, you don’t really deserve to be in the game anyways.

The Penguins are simply a better hockey team, and it was clearly evident last ...

Why the Luke Schenn Contract is Important.

Both the mornings and evenings have begun to get cooler, and with that slight change in tempearture, hockey seems to be getting closer and closer to returning. The back half of August is upon us, and maybe the Toronto Maple Leafs’ most important player for both this and future seasons remains unsigned. 

Luke Schenn has developed into a cornerstone member of the Leafs. He is valuable on the ice, having led the league in hits by a defenceman last season with 251. As well as off the ice, being the longest serving Leaf (along with Kulemin and Grabovski) a strong character like Schenn’s is necessary in one of the youngest dressing rooms ...