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Canucks Dethrone Kings; Head to Anaheim on Winning Note

On the first night of the California back-to-backs, the Canucks got exactly what they needed. The team took an early lead allowing the coaches to spread out the ice time to avoid tiredness for tomorrow’s game.

After jumping out to a quick 3-0 lead with goals from Salo (4), Ebbett (1) and Rome (2), the Canucks sat back and floated around waiting for tomorrow to arrive. Here on my thoughts on tonight’s game.

- Salo makes the Canucks defense so much better. He is so calm and experienced that he makes those around him appear that much better. With 4 goals on the season, Salo is a dominant defenseman in this league right now. I will go as far to say that he is...


For the first time in the franchise history, Mike Richards assisted on an overtime game-winning goal and the Philadelphia Flyers only gained a point.

Saturday night’s game was circled on every calendar in the greater Philadelphia area as soon as this year’s schedule was released. Despite the two teams’ high level of talent, the game was dominated by undisciplined penalties.

Western Conference Predictions

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Before the season begins, i thought I'd take a stab at predicting where each team will fall in the 2011-12 season. So, without further ado:


Vancouver Canucks – They might have a slow start coming out of the gate, as two of their top six players in Kesler and Raymond are out to start the season, but this is still a darn good hockey team. The Canucks will be icing basically the same roster as they did last season, minus Christian Ehrhoff, and I do not see any reason why they won&#...

P.K. Subban and the Drew Doughty Factor

If you’re a fan of the Los Angeles Kings, you’re likely not very happy camper right now. While your team is getting ready for the upcoming season at training camp, your top defenseman, and possibly your best overall player, is currently holding out for more money.  

The Kings have offered Doughty, 21-years-old and a restricted free agent coming off his first NHL contract, a handsome sum of money to continue his tenure with the team, as much as $6.8 million a season – which is what the Kings’ internally-appointed franchise player, Anze Kopitar currently makes, also coming off an entry-level deal. That amount w...

Breaking Down the San Jose Sharks' Offseason-Part Two

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I thought I would start this blog off with the first picture of newly acquired Sharks' defenseman Brent Burns in San Jose gear, via Brodie Brazil:



While the Sharks didn't go after any of this year's big-name free agents, it is probably for the best, as many of those players were grossly overpaid and will almost certainly be disappointments to their respective clubs. The Shark...

Adversity… It’s what’s for dinner

So the biggest worry the Kings had before they faced against Colorado was another let down against a team they should beat. So they came thought with a solid 60 minutes took home the two points they had to take, and all was well. Well not really. This has been a nightmare week on the injury front for the Kings. First they lose 2nd leading team scorer Justin Williams. Then today they lose Franchise Center Anze Kopitar for a MINIMUM of 6 weeks. Ouch, ouch and more ouch. So lets take a quick Kopitar role call Who is the Kings best defensive player? …Kopitar! Who is the Kings best Offensive Player? ... Kopitar! So I will choose to not cry in my milk. We need him. We need him b...

Kings keep finding ways to win. Jonathan Quick should be in the mix for MVP

The Kings would love the shoot out format to carry over into the playoffs. Should the Kings continue into the playoffs, there success in the shoot out is going to be a huge reason they make the second season. Personally I don’t like the shoot out, but its here to stay and the kings have the best shootout player in the world. Jonathan Quick is not only good; he is dominant at the shootout he makes even the best second guess there shot. Sometimes it’s just not fair for the other team. The Kings have gotten a 5 out of a possible 6 points in their last three games. The reason is simple; Jonathan Quick is the most valuable player in the NHL to his team. That is what the award is. I ...

Kings decide to take a night off, play worst game of the season

What can I say? Last night I sat and watched a team that looked nothing like the team that just won four games in a row. At one point they were being outshot 30 to 6. The Blues came into out house and treated us like a annoying little brother. We were terrible. Jonathan Quick played lights out, until giving up a 90-foot shot. It’s pretty bad when one of the best goaltenders in the world gives up a goal from the other side of the 101 freeways. This is what I was afraid of with how we played in Nashville. Only it was completely worse than anything I could have expected. I hope the kings offer refunds to all fans in attendance. The Kings never showed up to work. Game is not e...

Kings need to stop having a case of the Blues

For whatever reason when the Kings play St. Louis it has not been a happy ending in the last 6 games. The Kings have a 0-5-1 Record in that span. Simply put, they own us. How will the club respond, after a 4 game sweep on the road? This is a must win for two reasons. 1. Kings have to beat teams that are beneath them. St. Louis is 1 Game above .500 and not going to make the playoffs this year. 2. They have to prove that they can beat teams that come at you with a ton of speed. The Kings against Nashville had a pathetic 18 shots on goal. If they think that getting that kind of offensive production is going to cut it there dead wrong. The NHL is such a competitive league...

Kings set franchise record in Nashville

The Kings went 4-0 on the road for the first time in franchise history. Coming off the heels of a dramatic win in Dallas, The Kings headed to Nashville knowing they had their work cut out for them. Nashville is a team that is very difficult to play against. They Roll four lines at you all night. They also have a ton of team speed which generally is the Kings kryptonite. The Kings came out flatter than the housing market in the first period and if not for backup goaltender Jonathan Bernier this game would have been over in the first 10 minutes. Over all at one point in the third period the Kings only had 13 shots on goal. In short I think the kings stole a game. Out of the four games on t...